April's Investigations

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As brought up at the Governor's Meeting on April 10th, Cyndi Anna Holmes was returning to the Vesper Museum to investigate several happenings around the realm. Players were asked to meet her the next day in Vesper.

The first investigation was regarding the slaughtering of rabbits around the lands.  It appears mushrooms are making both Human and Elves sick.  However, there was also an illegal rabbit trapping ring happening around Sosaria.  

Cyndi Anna asked folks to find trapped rabbits and free them and then report back their names to Cyndi Anna (via a book submitted to the HOC) so she could notify their relatives.

Congrats to all those that participated with special mention to:
Afeni Shaku

Congrats to the MoFo guild who pooled their resources and were able to free all the Trapped Rabbits.

There were 19 rabbits located in mostly rabbit spawning locations. Here are their locations and names:

Nibbles located southwest of Shame.

Wiggles located on the east side of Haven by the fields.

Flopsy located southeast of Luna.

Nibbler located in the hedge maze on the east side.

Cinnamon located North of the Hedge maze's west side.

Dudley located outside of Vesper by it's north bridge.

Wiggles by the Shrine of Sacrifice.

Snowball was south of Trinsic across the water.

Flower in the Compassion Desert southwest of the shrine.

Poppy in the Skara Brae field north of Gregario.

Bubbles in a Britain farm field west of Sosarian Steeds.

Mopsy west of the Minoc Gypsy Camp across the water (north of Covetous).

Carter northeast of Delucia.

Cuddles was west of the Zento Moongate.

Cocoa in the northwest of The Waste (north of Zento).

Ruffles was out by the Homare moongate.

Nutmeg southwest of Moonglow city.

Snuggles at the farm on the south side of Moonglow Island.

Bun Bun in the Windemere woods, northeast of Vesper.

The Bonus investigation was regarding Yew.  Thank you Governor Rayce for submitting your book regarding the happenings there.


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    Thank you so much for the 'review'! Looks like it was a fun investigation. Wish I could have participated. Hopefully next time :)

    *cookie hug*
    *A Cookie A Day Keeps The Blues Away*
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    This was a really fun hunt for clues, rabbits, and with the npc interactions! I really enjoyed it, and look forward to even more stories and adventures! Excuses to explore the lands are always welcome in my book!
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    that did look like fun, sorry I also missed it, was planning to check it then got suck in to Destard
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