2 problems with necromancy animate undead spell

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  1. If you animate undead, the generated undead is classified as a murderer, even if the animator is of blue notoriety.  In Trammel, attempts to damage the target result in "you cannot perform negative acts on your target".  This is problematic at least in EC, since macros that target enemies will erroneously target this, and then fail.  Note that in FEL, you can happily target these.  Perhaps these should inherit the notoriety of the animate undead caster?
  2. You cannot use the necromancy "command undead" mastery to turn around and take full control of the newly animated undead.  This seems inconsistent, as indeed, the being is classified as undead.


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    Not sure what you are trying to damage.  Don’t use this spell much but usually three of four attack stuff, at least in Tokuno they do.  They don’t do much damage and you can’t control them with the mastery so I don’t animate very much.  Agree it is frustrating the mastery does not work on things you animate.
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    Anybody using animate undead, per #1, will interfere with the targeting abilities of other players in the area.  There are some good ways to use the undead.

    A variation of #1 is summoned rising colossus.  Similar notoriety and bad target handling (at least in EC).
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    “Issue with select nearest hostile targeting friendly reds/crim (both summons and ally/guilded red players) has been reported multiple times already. I think this is maybe duplicate report number 7?

    i don’t personally think that command undead needs to work on animated dead, since they’re not undead, they are animated dead, slightly different, they are already partially under control”
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    Curious interpretation on whether the animated undead are undead.  Noteworthy the generated animated undead generally seem to match up with those types that are subject to "command undead".

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