idocs still off

idocs still off, only few falling are the ones went then get trades a new home or place a new home. and there old idocs. so not a real idoc. why no up date on this. and dont do any post unless its about the idocs thanks


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    steven said:
    idocs still off, only few falling are the ones went then get trades a new home or place a new home. and there old idocs. so not a real idoc. why no up date on this. and dont do any post unless its about the idocs thanks

    I will post about Idocs only!!!   LOL
    They are working FINE
    They are FAIR

    Only people that complain about are the ones that script the heck of them!!

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    ? are u on drugs has noting to do with this post. there off, then not post then turn reg idocs off. not why not. only ones falling are ones people place a new home or get one traded to me then and old falling. only idocs right now
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    See i don't know what to think i had guild mate house not refresh I've heard others with same issues and the criers were not announcing so maybe there is an issue a simple all is working post from developers would be nice 
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    yep be nice
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    There is a smaller player base that does do IDOCs I am one of them. The past few days I have only been on for about 30 mins. 

    During the day and up until bed time I am very busy. The new IDOCs gave me something to come back to in the game. In the morning I spend my first 30mins to an hour checking all shards then I just set a timer on my phone for an hour before they fall and try to log into the game to do them. 

    I am thinking the only ones that are fallen now are ones that where 2nd homes on accounts and the owners moved. Or just the trade guy does not like me and I don't have the play time anymore running around all the shards looking for them. 

    There is a small party of people that enjoy them I would take the time to talk to a few of them. 
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    first jack thats ar scribbles who live off uo idocs items and homes sells all done with idocs. i said it before and ill say it again i dont care turn them all off. and never bring them back. i said this a lot of post. 2nd i said make home placement fair thats it. u guys so off tack here. only dan is on track. most the time went then turn off idocs are for natural disasters. but them all was make post about it. then said noting. and some thing is going on. we just want to know wants going on. and if then get rid of them i would not care at all lol. just a post be nice of want is going on. thanks all. so only people u want hear on the comments here are the people who work for uo and have news for us. or u think yea we want news thats it
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    So IDOCs that are account closed, are not falling. 

    When they fix it there will be a high number of those IDOCs for a day or two.
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    I am checking right this sec, using the old ways to find idocs and so far on Atlantic I found over 20 houses staging, so maybe instead of complain about, go play the game and look for them!
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    Back on topic maybe???

    There are houses falling I saw at the trade minister....there was an issue. Mesanna was on ATL not too long ago I guess talking about it. Houses were not refreshing? Usually if there is a MAJOR issue they will let us know.

    This thread has taken a turn...maybe yet another one that needs to be locked :(

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    If you sell UO items for R.L. $$$, you need to quit playing UO , and get a BETTER R.L. JOB!
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    Rorschach said:
    Some posts have been removed due to ToS violations.
    Glad you are following this discussion.  Would you consider providing a clarification of the issue raised in this discussion and the related closed discussions preceding it regarding the same issue.  That might go a long way to resolve all of the animosity that this discussion is generating.

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    Why was I removed when alls I asked if this was considered opening a closed thread?
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    I had a house go into decay a couple of weeks ago and despite reactivating the account, it wouldn't refresh.  I wound up having to activate another account to trade it off in order to refresh it once it hit IDOC.  I've got another one coming up in about a week so I'll let you know how that goes.
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    This thread has been cleaned up, again.
    I am sure the team is looking into this, and while houses not falling may be of interest to some, I'm pretty sure houses refreshing properly when accounts are reactivated is a much higher priority.
    I suggest interested parties play the rest of the game content until the matter is resolved. In the interests of Rorschach and I not needing to clean this up yet again, the thread is now closed.
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