19th Feb event...possible delay

EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
Hello folks. As you might have heard, the UK is being battered by storms at the moment.
I am currently without power, and posting this by way of a laptop tethered to my phone. 
If power isn't restored by this evening, I'm afraid there will be no event.
If that happens, apologies to all who trained their chickens. 

IF we can't go ahead with the chicken wars tonight, I will postpone them to next weekend.
Feel free to have a trial run, and see how your chickens do against each other tonight.
With some luck, power will be back on, and we can go ahead tonight - but I thought I'd better give you some advance warning, just in case!

If I'm not at the EM Hall at 5pm EST, assume that power is NOT back on here.


  • TjalleTjalle Posts: 79
  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
    Well, power's finally back on. A week of no power, no internet, no UO, lots of blankets, and now, lots of sneezing. Sounds like a really bad quest plotline. *makes evil notes*

    Tonight, we'll try to get the chicken/battle chicken/chicken lizard fights up and going. If I'm sneezing too much, or it's too short notice, we'll go and beat things up in Blackthorn's dungeon instead.
    See you at 5pm EST!


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