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@Bleak Several persons have noticed that their castles were submitted into the castle contest, yet castles are not showing up on the stones.


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    Yea, many of us are not showing up in the competition, and you can see in my screen, it says its registered as it gives the option to "exist house design contest", and it's set to public.

     (the hour on my screen is Europe, so this was taken a few minutes after the stone with participants was enabled)

    Please Help

  • ArchangelArchangel Posts: 460
    Awesome! Messana appeared and is solving the problem as we speak! 
    BIG THANKS! <3
  • AavieAavie Posts: 8
    Thank You @Bleak ;@Mesanna, @Misk for addressing the issue so quickly.
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    why would you start voting before making sure EVERYONE who entered the contest actually was listed on the ballot? ya know, give us a few days to verify it for you?   come on guys

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    My friend says his house is STILL NOT LISTED (as of now) on the stone, and he was building it on 1/14 and submitted it the last time on 1/15.

    At least the list of house designs is longer then a few hours before, but obviously still not complete. *sigh*
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