IDOC not drop after timer ends

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Last days some idocs stuck after timers ends and after 3-2-1sec it just change status to In Danger Of Collapsing. Its bug or its some new hidden nerf to mechanic?


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    Do these houses have rental vendors?
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    Mariah said:
    Do these houses have rental vendors?

    No, no vendors.

    I've seen the same thing twice on ATL: the countdown goes to 0, but the house still stand, with IDOC status showing in the House sign, but withn no more a time-stamp for fall.

    Only thing I suspect could be relevant, is that, FWIK, both the houses were totally empty, so maybe that blocked the scheduled falling.

    Beside this, I came back a day later, and in both cases the houses had been substitued, so I guess at last they did fall, only not in the way/time/mode of a normal IDOC.
  • Ive seen the same. Last night a house on Europa went from 1 sec to 10h idoc. It fell after those 10 hours. I have also seen this on Atlantic
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    Yes, I have seen it, even without vendors it is bugged. This new IDOC system is not working...and considering what we are sacrificing based on this new "IDOC system"...I have seen the pathetic posts where idiots are "praising" devs for this new method...when in FACT it is a HUGE loss to us UO 1) NONE of the vet rewards will be in the loote...there goes billions (even before this change). 2) if the item is more than 100 stones it is "gone"...I don't know about you but the resources I "NEED" I will have ample supply of, which equals just the pathetic junk is left. 3) announcements (town cryer) & exact times of house collapse takes AWAY from those willing to take the time to camp. 
    For all those appraising the Devs for this FOOLISH change I condone was a PATHETIC "upgrade", when the Devs can't even do their BASIC job sending them bug reports for 10 years on other items.  
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