I had no idea the wildfire vendor points would reset after a shard transfer...

I did a EU > ATL transfer to sell a few things and some pets. Today I did a ATL > EU transfer back home and found that the vendor removed the 30 points I had collected over the last two weeks.

I am kind of saddened by that, recently I was able to have some playtime, but I really hate the grind. I do however have set out to get that luck mask before they take the vendor down.

But alas, If I had known a transfer would remove my wildfire vendor points I would never have left the shard.

So I'm posting this here as a warning, I guess?


  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    They posted this would happen days ago..
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  • TjalleTjalle Posts: 79
    Everything that a transfer affects (at least negativily) should be informed in a gump before transferring.
  • McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
    I think all changes should be listed on the patch login screen something everyone who logs in sees
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    You thought you could transfer points to another shard?  Nope.

    It was announced: https://uo.com/2021/07/30/global-events-update/



    We are in the process of cleaning up the previous Global Event Content as the Treasures of Wildfire is now active.  This includes the Yukio Quest & related Champ Spawn – Alchemist’s Abomination.

    Also please note that all Treasures of Wildfire points reset upon character transfer.

    See you in Britannia,

    UO Team

    This has how all the treasures of dungeons have been and will be.

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    Pawain said:
    You thought you could transfer points to another shard?  Nope.

    Those points weren't even on my list when I transferred for the other items and pets.

    This should have been in the gump. It isn't. I read it, carefully, as I don't transfer a lot...
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834

    What Transfers

    • Your Name, Appearance, Skills, Stats and Reputation (Murder Counts, Fame & Karma)
    • Virtue Points and titles
    • Clean up Britannia Points
    • Dungeon Points
    • Loyalty Points
    • Any title you character is entitled to from champ spawns, events, quests or other source.
    • Any currently active quest
    • Everything your character is holding, wearing or has equipped
    • Everything in your backpack
    • Everything in your bankbox
    • Every pet in your stable
    • Every mount or pack animal standing with you that is under the command ‘all follow me’
    • The contents of the packs your pack animals
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    Dungeon points such as Void pool transfer. However the treasures drops are shard bound, so the points that come from them are too. It's logical, when you think it through, but not something that's at the forefront of your mind when planning a transfer, unless you're the kind of person who dreams up ways of getting around a shard bound restriction.  Sadly LeBaiton has fallen victim to the prevention of that potential exploit.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,692
    During Treasures of Deceit, a friend transferred from Sonoma to Atlantic
    and was very upset when she returned to find all 120 drops had been deleted.
    She knows exactly how you feel.

    I agree that there should be a warning in the message,
    that shows exactly what will be deleted.



    WARNING: items NOT transferrable

    "Treasures of " Event points
    Legacy house deeds (will become a house placement tool)
    "shard bound" items

    must renounce YOUNG player status


    (list the actual items that will be deleted, not sentences...
    lists are more noticeable)

    I actually think they should add the "shard bound" tag to
    Legacy house deeds

  • Shard bound for a reason. Do you actually think you were going to get around that rule? obviously people trying to take items to all to sell. this should have been obvious to everyone
  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    “I think what he meant was, he thought he would still have his original 30 points when he transferred back to his home shard, that is not an unreasonable assumption”
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    In my opinion the points should be shared among the account's characters on the same shard. Much like the gold and platinum sitting in the bank.  This would let players transfer characters without worrying about points getting deleted. The points will not transfer or get deleted because they are sitting in the shard's bank.
  • DanpalDanpal Posts: 119
    I have 400 points siting on an account i cant even log into and everything according to the account system is good active until Oct 
  • LeBaitonLeBaiton Posts: 64
    It's ok. For those who think I did this on purpose or for those who symphatise, I moved on.

    It was an expensive (time-wise I mean) mistake to make and I just wanted to warn others who might not know about this as I did.

    I hardly ever visit the main UO website, as I usually don't have a reason to, so yes, the posted warning from a week ago flew under my radar.

    Simply said, and now knowing what I know, information about this in the transfer gump would have been nice.

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    So you couldn't take time to visit uo website but now want developers to take time to change transfer gump?? 
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    “You don’t have a I visit the uo website, this is posted on the splash screen when you launch uo”
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    Thank you for the alert LeBaiton, and now I think, to avoid more unkind and unfounded accusations it's time to end this.
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