Bushido Skill casting times?

I have been working on some new ideas for my suit, and needed to figure out the bushido casting times. I noticed that there are none listed on https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/skills/bushido/. ;
I am pretty sure confidence and evasion take 2 seconds, and counter attack takes .5. Lightning strike, momentum strike, honorable execution seem to be a natural 0. 
Can we get those confirmed by dev's?


  • YoshiYoshi Posts: 3,322
    “I’m not sure how you would go about testing this (or why it matters) since neither spell can be interrupted nor do they prohibit your movement”
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  • zimazima Posts: 55
    because A) they HAVE casting times and should be documented. and B) because casting faster means effect applies faster and C) because counterattack delays actual attack while being cast.
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    The tool tip of the Bushido book doesn't help?
  • zimazima Posts: 55
    They are there, but they are not right. Says all spells have a casting time of .25 seconds.  If I set a macro to use confidence or evade, it is 2 seconds until the buff icon appears. Counterattack takes .5 seconds. 
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    I have been using this bushido day in and out fighting all sorts of boss, but bushido spells timing were never a concern. My warrior is 0 FC and 0 FCR, and recently I have upgraded it to use protection spell (uninterrupted casting) with 90 physical resist (90 - 15 equals 70 physical resist after protection is activated).

    I use counter attack (CA) alot for almost every button press but changed recently.

    For 1v1 boss fight or tougher monsters, e.g. Rend or Putrefier, CA does not activate alot when using Double Strike or AI special moves. Sometimes it does not even activate for entire 30 secs and I have to recast again.

    I am not sure but I don't think I get interrupted during casting. But anyway I have protection spells now so disruption is not an issue.

    However, CA activates alot more easily when fighting surrounded by say 4 to 5 monsters, esp. when I am using Whirlwind. Similarly, it seems to work fine without interruption.

    If you would like to cross ref. my template and use protection spells, please pm me for discussion.
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