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So I have some agents set up on one character and want to copy them to another character.  It will take some time to do this manually so I was wanting an easy button.  Is there a file that I can transfer over?  Thanks


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    Your agents are stored within the character file. You can copy the contents of the character file from one character to another to transfer the agents, but that will also transfer all hotbars, macro's, UI settings, etc.

    If you just want to transfer the agents:

    Locate the Character File:
    Default Location should be something like:
    C:\>Users>UserName>Documents>EA Games>Ultima Online Stygian Abyss>User Data>Account Name>Shard>Character Name.
    Open the file using Notepad (or any .txt editor of your choice)

    Scroll down through the Character File until you find the section <UI Variables>
    Within <UI Variables> you will find four sets of code for each Agent

    <StringVar name = "..." />
    <WStringVar name = "..." />
    <BoolVar name = "..." />
    <NumberVar name = "..." />

    Copy all four of those for the Organizer (or agent) of your choosing and place them in the correct location(s) (within <UI Variables>) in the destination Character file. Remember to save the destination character file after importing the new Agent information.

    Be warned, the code for the NumberVar is not sectioned by agent, but dynamically added as you adjust the agent. You will need to scroll through the NumberVar and look for each line related to the agent you are moving.


    Character File:
    >Pacific>Arroth Thaiel

    Within Character File:
                <StringVar name="Organizer3it1Name" value="Gold Coin" />
                <StringVar name="Organizer3it2Name" value="A Tattered Treasure Map Leading To An Assassin&apos;s Supply" />
                <StringVar name="Organizer3it3Name" value="Power Crystal" />
                <StringVar name="Organizer3it4Name" value="Daemon Bone" />
                <WStringVar name="OrganizerOrganizers_Desc3">Loot</WStringVar>
                <BoolVar name="OrganizerOrganizers_CloseCont3" value="false" />
                 <NumberVar name="Organizer3it1Type" value="3821.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it1Hue" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it1Id" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it2Type" value="5355.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it2Hue" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it2Id" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it3Type" value="7964.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it3Hue" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it3Id" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it4Type" value="3968.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it4Hue" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="Organizer3it4Id" value="0.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="OrganizerOrganizers_Items3" value="12.000000" />
                <NumberVar name="OrganizerOrganizers_Cont3" value="1085929158.000000" />

    The above will transfer my Organizer 3.

    Organizer's 1, 2, 4, etc. will all have their own code chunks.

    I have actually started keeping separate .txt files for my UI settings, macros, hotbars, and agents, so I can port them from character to character as needed.

    Good luck!
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    Do you happen to know any EC custom commands to rename a pet and release it? This helps to reduce some time during taming training.  I tried searching around and found someone also asked about this a long time ago in another forum.
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  • Arroth_ThaielArroth_Thaiel Posts: 1,035
    Not off the top of my head, no, but I don't do much with pets.

    @Khyro might?
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    It's alright, only if you have it readily. I tried looking around the files and only found a pet release gump in ggmanager. But that still requires activation to pop up.
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    Thank you.  I will give this a try

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    While not as sophisticated as Aroth_Thiel (Who I would like to have as a resource in my discord channel!) I do have steps to copy the whole character file over as a template, plus videos on creating templates.
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