Hit Poison Area

Does this mean everything in the area gets poisoned?


  • dvviddvvid Posts: 849
    No the enemies in the area are hit with poison damage, but are not poisoned. 
  • GalluccioGalluccio Posts: 77
    Is it a type of AOE attack?  IF so, what is the range, how many enemies can it damage, and is there a cap to the damage?  Is this a must have spawn property?
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,031Moderator
    Hit Area Damage2 – 50(I) 2 – 70 (R)(L)Weapons(I)(R)(L)N/AMay be physical, fire, cold, poison or energy type. Has a percentage chance on each hit to inflict damage on all hostile creatures within a 5 tile range of the initial target instead of the main target. Will hit hidden targets.
  • XrisXris Posts: 130
    If you are talking about champ spawns then yes, hit x area is important. Bring the correct x area and slayers. That's how you see melee mowing down massive groups, hit area and whirlwind.
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