Cleaning points

Wha'ts the best way to farm cleanup points?


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    This is the updated "Trash Points" value of the Items.
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    Yeah a lot of that stuff you can't *Farm* which was the OPs question.

    For me I collect power crystals either in Exodus dungeon or just outside and maps from the guardians in Doom if I need them...which I don't because I do a lot of house cleaning and that's the best way to get points, I have over 2 million points again. Go clean house! 

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    The list of things that can be donated is so extensive, I'm not sure a comprehensive one could be made. The context list on the trash barrel is more helpful than a very long list. In general terms most points come from really old gift items, though it's a shame to destroy that history. Completed maps give the same points as uncompleted ones, so turn in any map,
    Stealable artifacts give a value based on their level, regular spawning items like power crystals, while only worth 100 points, are easy to farm quickly.
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    Mariah said:
    (...) most points come from really old gift items, though it's a shame to destroy that history. (...)
    And let's not even start about the "necrophile" habit of trashing other people's SoulStones for Points.

    Like digging up graves to steal gold theet, IMO... :# :( :D ;)
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    This guy drops a special piece of armor every time that is worth 1k points.
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    Aayla said:
    Wha'ts the best way to farm cleanup points?
    As @Mariah mentioned; Tmaps along with their loot is typically good for a few hundred at least (higher maps obv give you much more), powerscrolls & the in pack drops you get while doing a spawn in a dungeon (ie armor of justice) are pretty good sources (armor of justice is 1500 points per piece), even glacial staff from the ice serpents (in ice) fetch 500 and are pretty easy to farm. I looted a bunch during the event which was 2 birds 1 stone at the time.

    I've also found that by sailing around the past few days scuttling ships and looting at the refinements you can build up points pretty quickly since they range from 50-250 each and you can easily pickup 3-6 refinements per ship. 

    I think those are probably the easiest things to farm since you are basically getting cleanup points as a side product (in addition to whatever you are getting from Tmaps/Spawns/Sailing) versus specifically going out to kill something simply for a trash item of 2k points. 

    I wish the Devs would add a few new items to the cleanup list (or add back item bless deeds) though because I have over 1M points with nothing to spend them on currently; I'm not a fan of the dyes and don't need any of those talisman.
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    I use a lot of points on Mannequins :/ The presentation stones are nice too for displaying rares or special items.

  • @Larisa I used to use the presentation stones but now i use Granite Stone Blocks (in various colors) to display items.
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    ZekeTerra said:
    @ Larisa I used to use the presentation stones but now i use Granite Stone Blocks (in various colors) to display items.

    The Pedestals IMO are nice too as "showbases". They have the same Graphic of the Presentation Stones, the only difference being that they are not dyable.
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    I liked this thread. I didn't know about Niporailem armour being worth 1,000 cleanup points, and this thread reminded me he existed, so I went and killed him 7 times last night, was fun. It's a nice way when your on your own for a bit, and want to solo hunt some. Takes me 3 minutes to kill him, then 2 minute respawn time, so getting say 10k points per hour here.

    I also didn't realise Exodus Crystals were worth 100 points, good value also, especially as they don't stack and take storage space.

    Our most efficient way of getting clean-up points as a guild, is by chaining Medusa. We collect 30 sets, which takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete with a party of 10, you get 1 drop per 3 Medusas, and the artefact drops are worth 5k clean-up points, so basically each of us gets 50k points, or 500k in total gained by the guild. Rate of 20k clean-up points per hour here.

    Maps was always a good option, though these are harder to get, unless Doom Guardians.

    The Piper Skull, or Champ spawn skulls are worth 1k, we do a lot of these, so the spares get burned. Scrolls are worth a bit also, but I use these for scroll-binding.

    And yes, some of the rewards are nice. I do often need the Talismans, or Dyes, but yes, pedestals are nice, and Beehive, mannequins etc. :)

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