"mana shield" and pet

LootdudeLootdude Posts: 15
If I activate the spellweaving mastery "mana shield" in the Enhanced Client (standard), it lets me select a target (right click mana shield icon, "target", and select "self", "cursor", "stored" or "current").

However, whenever I cast the mana shield spell, it always casts on me even though I selected "cursor" (or "stored" or "current").  I want to select my pet ("target nearest follower" + "target current") or a "stored" (pet) target.

So I wonder if the mastery is broken of if "mana shield" is supposed to be only used on oneself.

Thanks for reading this!


  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,886Moderator
    The description of the spell on the skill masteries page would suggest it is only used on the caster:
    Toggle ability that results in a shield on the spellweaver that has a chance to deduct incoming damage from the spellweaver’s mana pool based on spellweaving skill, arcane focus, and mastery level.

  • Ok, thanks for the info.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 8,775
    If you could cast it on someone else, that would be an interesting thing in Fel.
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