Why is it okay for em event drops not be shard bound?



  • As Nails should know the dev were asked to do a shard bound for (Some) EM event items so the players of said shard could keep some. 
      Its disheartening to see all the items from said hunts to disapear to Atlantic sales.  And Yes I know most of you are looking at the sale price you could get and drool to be able to send them off!! 
    Dont lie to me.   
      Greed is the #1 reason many of you are grumbling.  That 175mill price tag or more is eating a hole in your pocket if you could.
    I know this cause its human nature to covet things of value. 
    But its sad too.  Many shard event items are never to see the home shard again as they get swallowed up on Atlantic.   Atlantic is looking like Las Vegas all gilt and no soul.

  • I support shard bound items and scrolls.  Yes, some people will transfer to use a shard bound scroll on a character and then return the character to their home shard.  In this case, however, the gold stays on the shard where the item was originally obtained.   I do think this will help each shard revive a local trade market rather than everything being moved to Atlantic where the prices are the most inflated.  It is very difficult to find items on lesser populated shards since nothing is for sale locally.  
  • I am fine with this.  If I really like it, I can pay the extra gold or sovereigns to be able to bring it to Catskills if I wish.  However I am not against everything being shard bound.  I collect shard bound items on Baja and GL.
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    Take shard bound off this event.
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    Smoot said:
    if EM items were shard bound, it would only be realistic to have EMs and EM events on about 10 servers. 

    the other shards local populations just dont warrant having an EM with the very low numbers that would show up if items couldnt be transferred.  (some shards have as little as 2-3 locals, but most around 10 for the low-pop shards)

    Id be ok with items being shard bound only if:
    there were a way to remove it (either 100m gold, or a uo store item)
    if we could have a house on all shards so items could be displayed regardless of shard.
    How did you determine a shards population?  Almost all the Shards have a full Luna and Castle spots with some open Keep spots.  So every one of those houses has a PAID account tied to it and you are saying that they do not deserve EM events.  So should their ROOF drops be done away with and under your reasoning then why should they have Power Scroll drops.  If you are going to disallow parts of UO to a shard based on population then you should disallow all UO content to that same shard.
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