first aid belt returning?

will the first aid belt be fixed and re-added to the rewards list ? @Mesanna @Kyronix
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  • IviannaIvianna Posts: 28
    I hope so.  I'd very much like to pick one up with the points I've earned in Deceit so far. :)
  • Yes please!  My tamer desperately needs this to hold his bandages for when he rezs.  Otherwise they always get stuck on the corpse.  
  • 100% agree, dobble underlined  - and for this bug fixing please think about to make this event longer than 15th November!

    A little less ego-thinking, know-it-all and rumbling compared to others who aren't so "great" and the UO-life would be a whole corner easier

    (Ein bisschen weniger Ego-Denken, Besserwisserei und Rumprollerei anderen gegenüber die halt nicht so "toll sind" und das UO-Leben wäre ne ganze Ecke einfacher)

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