Easy Fix Ingame Macro Suggestion for PVP and PVM @Kyronix

Please @Kyronix @Mesanna
I have a suggestion that will help us players a lot, I dont know if you guys currently play the game or not, I love the the new option to Record Arm BUT, come on!!!, If you PVP or PVM and use 2 different warrior skills, you will carry a lot more than just 4 weapons!
Archer normally carry 5 or 6 bows and if you combine that with Fencing, you will need at least 2 more weapons on your backpack!
Can you guys add at least 4 more to the list???
At Least 8 total??, Trust me, will help us!!!


  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    F1-F4 = 4 arm
    Shift F!-F4 = 4 arm
    alt F1-F4 = 4 more
    ctrl = 4 more
    shift alt = 4 more
    shift ctrl = 4 more
    alt ctrl = 4 more
    shift alt ctrl = 4 more
    that is 32 total arms how many more do you need
  • MordredMordred Posts: 102
    You cant use the same RecordArm1 more than 1x
    so @Bilbo explain to me!!!!

    I use SHIFT+Q to record Bow #1
    I use Q to Arm Bow#1

    I use SHIFT+W to record Bow #2
    I use W to Arm Bow#2

    I use SHIFT+E to record Bow #3
    I use E to Arm Bow#3

    I use SHIFT+R to record Bow #4
    I use R to Arm Bow#4


    And now what???  since as far as I know, If I create another SHIFT+U or whatever letter and try to use recordarm#1 will OVERWRITE the weapon1....

    so Please explain to us!!!
  • quickbladequickblade Posts: 307
    edited September 2020
    I think Bilbo is confusing hotkeys, and records. Yea you can have a total of 32 diff hotkeys , but for the same 4 dress/arm maccros...

    What Mordred is asking is more record/arm available and I do agree. Myself I got a few diff setups of jewels that I swap , and luck suit, and a setup non antique for pvm , to not break my jewels. I could use a few more record/arm dress and weapons than the 4 available right now.

    Also on another note but almost same subject , how about having more than 10 health bars in CC client, and what about the backpack with grills for CC client that Mesanna and others devs mentionned in the 20th anniv party ? Is that coming any soon ?

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