Can you train necromancy tamed wolves?

I've been looking for info, but it's hard to find something so specific. Necromancy familiar Dark Wolf allows you to tame wolves as if they had 0 skill. Dire wolf is a trainable taming pet up to 4 slots. Is it possible to train a Dire wolf that you've tamed via the dark wolf familiar with 0 skill in taming/lore?

If yes, will your pet be able to bond? If no, can you train it if you only have lore and not taming? Finally, if you can tame and bond a wolf pet, what happens if your dark wolf dies or becomes de-summoned? Can you re-summon it and be okay, or do you lose your pet due to not having high enough skill?


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    Without trying this out on test center I can't say for sure, but my instinct would be 'no, you can't do that'.
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    As long as you didnt issue any commands while your dark wolf was unsummoned, it -should- be fine. Grain of salt though.
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    I tested this, my instincts proved to be sound

  • Wrong and no.  Hold my beer.

    You can tame, bond and use wolves with necromancy using some soulstoning.  Tame the wolf however or have it traded to you.  Feed, in a week when it comes to bond time soulstone over enough taming and lore to have it bond.  Remove taming and lore and voila, bonded pet you can control with the dark wolf.

    There was a point you could do this with certain trained up wolves, but that broke somehow awhile ago or was fixed, no idea.  

    ***Additional bonus info surprise round***
    Yes you need the dark wolf to be summoned to command wolves...  but the game doesn't care beyond that, you can lock it in a room at your house for all it matters and go about your adventures.

    and knowing is half the battle...

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