Role Play Reds??

McDougleMcDougle Posts: 3,742
is there such a thing ? i might have some work for them on Pac if so ...
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  • They existed, though they were far rarer than commonly is suggested in retrospect.
    I haven't seen, or heard of, one in a long time.
    -John's player
  • NorryNorry Posts: 513
    Back when i just started on napa, there was a red who roleplayed a vampire. Bring you to his house, kill you, emote drinking your blood, then rez you.

    Pretty awesome all in all. Didnt take your stuff.
  • ValisValis Posts: 45
    I have characters that don't leave Fel. I have a few reds that I sometimes hop onto. But nobody ever really comes around :D
  • Way back when Siege Perilous first opened (July 1999) there was a Good/Evil system. The "Evil" characters were red. Some tried to roleplay (and succeeded very well!) others didn't. It was a cool system, but went the way of the DoDo like all things that get abused and misused. :(
  • LacrimaLacrima Posts: 20
    I returned back 20 days ago after a long break of 15 years (not my will) and the most shocking thing is that the war order vs chaos is over :)
  • Supposedly Order vs Chaos was always only the fanatics anyway -- note that British and Blackthorn used to hang out, play chess, and pick up scullery maids together, while their followers behaved like street gangs.
  • LacrimaLacrima Posts: 20
    yeah but order vs chaos has always been the king fight in all universe known. 
    Murderers have always existed, order vs chaos is the natural expression of factions in my opinion.
  • IviannaIvianna Posts: 28
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    Pre-AOS I used to roleplay a character who was sometimes red, sometimes blue who attempted to stop people and extort their footgear.  I was in no way good at PvP but even so I managed to amass a sizeable collection.  

    Other than the shoe thing, he was a pretty nice fellow.
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