EM Events for August 2020

EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
8th : It's been a while, and our fishermen are feeling neglected. I'm feeling exhausted due to RL nonsense. So, let us combine the two, and have a fishing contest. Whoever drops the biggest fish into my mailbox at the EM Hall before the end of the month gets a special mention at the reward hall. Just so our PKs don't feel left out, whoever posts the most screenshots of kills on the water will also get a special mention at the reward hall - probably "Predator of the month" or something like that!
Please note : I am actually away from the 5th to the 8th, hunting for that much needed R&R. 

15th : The usual council meeting, complete with unwanted monsters.

22nd : What to call this.... how about "experiment time"? As you probably heard, I have some new toys... come and help me try out a new champ spawn! NOTE: No rewards other than the normal stuff that monsters drop, but it should be fun all the same!

29th : The bear necessities. Yes, you all get to run around the jungle in red loincloths singing to the local wildlife! Not your scene? Oh, ok - it would have been fun, but I'll give you something to fight instead. Happy now? Great. 


  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    For the mini-event on the 22nd, I would like to suggest waves of imbue-material-dropping Cavern of the Discarded ratmen disguised as neon dolphins. Or something to that effect!

  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,746
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
    I was thinking of something like this...
    Level 1 : Doom Dark Fathers and Harrowers
    Level 2 : Exoduses
    Level 3 : Zombie King Blackthorns
    Champ : the whole dev team
    And set the whole thing off in the middle of Luna. 

    For some strange reason, it didn't get approved. I can't imagine why. So, we'll go with something lighter. I think you'll enjoy it!
  • MagichandsMagichands Posts: 141
    I bet the problem was the level 3 of the spawn eh?  :D
  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
    Well folks, I do apologise for how badly that experiment went. 
    Who knew 100 blackrock elementals would be such a challenge?
    *hears everyone on Siege shouting "we did you idiot!"*
    Ahem. Anyway, I won't be making that mistake again. Other mistakes, sure, but not that one.
    For those who wondered, here's what the boss would have been:

    Thanks to everyone who helped with this little experiment. Lessons were most certainly learned!

  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    It was certainly... interesting. And I got some pretty pixels captured for my lil UO album! There is no such thing as mistakes and failures, just lessons. Out of curiosity, is that the same hue as the ones before? This is the EC graphic:

  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,458
    What October plans do you have for September ? asking for a friend :P
    You and Several Others like this.

    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
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