Super old account and getting it going on EJ?

So i have a couple Super old account and im thinking about getting it going for my son who is about the age where it think he might enjoy UO.
but this (these) account(s) are super old, like SE old.
and im not really sure if they where ever paid for.
i know i have 3 of them.
i know i made them with the code that came with the Samurai Empire box set and i know i use to use them every year when the return to brit event was on, but im not sure if i ever paid for them at any time.

so they are not attached to any 'master EA account' or anything.
so how would i go about getting these account active?

i have the account name and password but its never had a email associated with it.
i wonder if they where purged from the database when they killed off the RTB houses???

anyways, if a Dev knows maybe post a reply, im sure im not the only one that has old account like this that they would like to have a look at.

OR, i know a couple co-workers that use to play but this was years ago, like a solid 10-15 years ago that they quit.
so those account would never have had a master EA account either, how do those go about getting going?
like there is no email that they will receive once their account has been put into the new DB, like my current one that i just got a email saying the turned off account on it are good to use.


  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,311
    It's a very, very long time since I last started a new account, but I don't think it's ever been possible to register an account without an email address associated with it?
  • PureLifePureLife Posts: 54
    Just try and link them to an EA master account shouldn't have an issue if you know the username and password.

  • PooPoo Posts: 39
    strange, so i looked in my old binder that i have all my old account into in.  i have the account names and passwords and i have a email address listed for those account, its the same email address i have other accounts on, so i logged in and they are not listed there.  so either i just guessed years ago that i used that email address and wrote it down or i never associated a email address with the account, or i just gave some random fake email address for them.
    either way, i have no valid email address listed for them.
    im gonna try to add them to one of my master EA accounts and see if that works.
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