problem with the Orc Kin event

just wanted to let ya know that i just spent the last 90 minutes in level 3 of the orc dungeon harvesting orcs and i noticed that about a hour in, instead of getting a orc kin drop i got a cursed lesser magical item that was not 'Orc Kin' that dropped in my pack.

just like what happens in Doom from time to time.

so you guys may wanna look at that.


  • KyronixKyronix Posts: 1,108Dev
    edited July 2020
    What was the message you received in your journal when you got the drop?  What dungeon (Fel/Tram) were you in?  Did the creature you killed have the "Treasures" item property? 
  • PooPoo Posts: 39
    to be honest it was at a point where it was getting a little hairy, level 3 with 2 orc brutes - 1 of which was a paragon and a couple other side spawn all at once.

    i wasn't watching for who i got it off of, all i know it when all was done there was this random leather arms in my pack that was cursed and was..... crappy.

    so im not sure which critter dropped it and i was doing whirlwind so it could have been any of them.

    tram side.
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