Pet Power Scrolls importance?

I've being trying decide whether to make this thread for over a week, because I worry where it will be hijacked to, but I'll try it and hope, because I want to know the answer.

PLEASE leaving aside any discussion of prices and availability, as an intellectual exercise. 
Rate 120 power scrolls by necessity for Melee pets and for Magic pets by skill type as a) vital b) desirable or c) overkill
As an example discord, if present, ( I think?) rates as vital?

Which skills need to be 120 and which will be ok at 115 and which are perfectly fine at 110? 


  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,284
    I"ve recently discovered the power of an unscrolled Triton, and while I"m limited to being on foot, at least for the things I"m fighting, the absence of scrolls doesn't mean much.

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  • poppspopps Posts: 3,507
    I"ve recently discovered the power of an unscrolled Triton, and while I"m limited to being on foot, at least for the things I"m fighting, the absence of scrolls doesn't mean much.

    I have been told by many Tamers that pets are to Tamers what weapons are to Fighters...

    And one could also add, perhaps, Slayer spellbooks to spellcasters...

    What I am trying to say is, that most Tamers say that there is no such thing as a pet that does it all but it is necessary to bring (and thus have previously tamed and trained) the RIGHT pet for the Hunt at hand....

    So, while the Triton is certainly a great pet to have that may save up the need for some powerscrolls, it fits only for certain hunts.

    For other hunts it would be necessary to bring over other pets which, unfortunately, need their scrolls to be effective for those hunts...

    At least, that is what more experienced Tamers have been telling me.

    Bottom line is, Tamers need scrolls for their pets and by quite a significant amount, I understand.
  • CovenantXCovenantX Posts: 538
    120 Wrestling Scroll, that is all.

    ...and maybe discord if you go with a disco pet.  -all my tamers have discord, so I don't run with a discording pet.

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  • PawainPawain Posts: 7,353
    Whatever magic should be 120. 110 magery is fine.
    120 wrestling if you can get it. 110s are fine for the rest. A set of 110s is 10M if you shop each day.
  • No scrolls are required, just highly preferred. I’ve accidentally taken non-scrolled pets into the roof before. It took a hair longer but it worked. 
    Obviously I aim to use the highest skilled pets but it isn’t a requirement. 
  • MerusMerus Posts: 619
    edited July 2020
    The only skill that has a scroll where I feel that 120 is a must is discordance.  For all others you're results are going to be within a kitty's whisker of the 120 with either a 115 or 110.  This is because at 115 discord and 115 music the success chance on a 160 bard difficulty is 0%.

    That said, if you are working with a more rare type of pet (dreadmare, bane dragon, pp mare or wyrm, blaze cu, etc) you might as well spring for the 120s. While this does make them marginally more effective pets, their rarity warrants the investment.
  • NorryNorry Posts: 505
    For magic, the scrolls increase damage and duration of buffs and debuffs.

    Wrestling is somewhat the same, but also increases hit chance(look to hit chance parry formulas)

    The only Vital one  really is disco.(pets dont have instruments, so it needs all the chances it can get) and on most servers you can pick that up for less than 5 mil.
  • SmootSmoot Posts: 346
    pvm - 110 is fine
    pvp - 120 wrestle, 120 magic resist, 120 mage
  • jelinidasjelinidas Posts: 332
    I've said it forever, 110 and 115 kills just fine. 120s are mostly vanity scrolls. The exception in my opinion are magics. Disco, chiv, etc. Magics should be taken to 120 and are cheap!  There is absolutely no real reason to go to 120 in fighting skills unless you have them or want to look "cool". Most shards I play 110s can be had for free, and even 115s if you ask. This whole PS arguments being a monopoly is silly. Pet only PS are silly. Don't be a ass and folks will help you. 

    (rare pets will get a different response!)

    That's how I see it, blah blah blah...
  • MargeMarge Posts: 663
    I always put 120 magic on the pet. For melee skills, I usually put 115s. (I'm simply too cheap for 120s and soon probably the 115s also.) I have a walrus that is 3 slot and only gm. He can kill just about anything. It just takes alot longer.

    So, I'd say while the higher scrolls are unnecessary to actually kill anything, they sure help speed things up.
  • Lieutenant_DanLieutenant_Dan Posts: 186
    edited July 2020
    Speaking from experience with my own pets you will see a significant difference in survivability with a combination of 120 wrestling, resist, parry over a pet with lower skill caps in those areas.

    I'll typically build a medium range pet with the following 
    120 wrestling
    110 tactics
    110 anat
    120 resist
    120 parry
    110 med
    110 focus
    120 chiv
    110 healing (for healing pets)


  • Zero importance, I have a few fully scrolled pets, I use one occasionally and it isn't a chiv ai cu. Most cases scrolls benefit less than a hour on unguide or a wiki.  See so many people thinking that 120 tactics will change their life when i look and see their suit is a mess, template is trash, pet choices and training is so counter to what they're trying to do.

    My opinion *shrugs*
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