"Farming" Spots?

So let us say I am a tamer or maybe a Sampire and I have 20 minutes to kill between other things, or I am just hopping on to do something kinda mindless and relaxing.  I want a place where I can grind through mobs solo with (relatively) low risk but with the chance at a decent loot drop from time to time.

12 years ago when I played last it was Blood Elemental Paragons and Arctic Ogre Lords - these spots are not much worth it with the loot and power level changes.  Are there any spots like that in today's UO?


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    I recently found the Myrmidex Pits as a place to farm.  Before that I was farming Earth Elementals on level 1 of Shame or in the New Haven mines.
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    If you don't mind carrying around a timepiece in-game, the putrid undead gargoyles in the Holy City (Ter Mur) aren't too bad.  However, they're only around for 20 minutes every two hours, between 7:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. by the in-game clock.   

    There's also a quest from Percolem that you can take once every 24 hours called "It Makes Me Sick" that gives you reward bag that includes one relic fragment, about 10k gold, a few ML gems, and a few magical items for killing 20 of the putrid undead gargoyles.  In addition to the magical item loot on the putrid undead gargoyles, you can also collect a fair amount of bones by cutting up skeleton pieces (most of the mobs that spawn during that period drop bones) and also mysticism scrolls in case you collect those for filling spellbooks, as well as occasionally an infused glass stave for Zosilem's third tier "Pure Valorite" quest that lets you convert 500 bronze ingots into 500 valorite ingots.  (Don't laugh at the one relic fragment reward.  For quite a long time after SA came out, it and the other two tier 3 quests from Percolem were just about the only way for players who didn't have a stockpile of old artifacts to unravel to get relic fragments. And even after Shame was changed but before global loot was added, if you played on a shard like Siege where going to Shame was pretty much impossible for many players, this quest was one way to very slowly get a few relic fragments.)

    I can usually only kill about 13 or 14 of the putrid undead gargoyles during their 20-minute spawn period, so it's a quest that often spawns part of a day or two days to finish.
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    Go ring the bell to enter doom without a golden skull.  The skeletal dragon drops good loot with high enough luck.  Bone daemon is good to farm as well.  Lure all the skeletal critters away and then summon the bone daemon.  If you need daemon bones just spend an hour or so in the poison room slaughtering dark guardians.
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    Cyclops Pyramid  Ilshenar is a good gold farm and relatively safe with the odd Paragon Titan to keep it interesting.
    If that's to easy try the Balron under Blackthorn's castle. Quick spawn and if you work from the back of the room only one at a time.
    Always remember if you haven't died recently you are just farming  :)
  • Coming late to the party but only by a couple years!  :)
    So I did a test at Daemon Temple, Dojo levels 1 and 3 (fan dancers, and balrons)
    Rate (with my character) at Level 1 dojo was winner at 230,000 gold per hour. Video link below

  • I have done this with some friends and they have also adopted the Fan Dancer farming spot and agreed its the best gold. With my sampire i make about 200-230k per hour (testing an actual hour and not just 10 mins for a measurement). I imagine with my fully trained Triton they would die faster.
    Also if you use certain mods the CTRL-SHIFT issue can be eradicated by only showing corpses rather than all dynamic objects. So the Daemon temple is very doable with that.
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