Treasure map facet doesn't match the facet of origin

MerusMerus Posts: 520
Killed dull copper elementals in the Tokuno mines today... got 2 stash maps for Malas.


  • TimTim Posts: 707
    For random drops sounds like an improvement.
    Not for "Hag's Quest" though.
  • MiskMisk Posts: 61Dev
    This currently working as intended.
  • MerusMerus Posts: 520

    Sounds like we need to updated the treasure map section of the Wiki as the fact that the map facet should match the facet of the monster who dropped it is, per @Misk above, not accurate.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,189Moderator
    I'll check with Misk and find out the exact criteria. In most cases maps are for the facet they're obtained on, unless in a paragon or named monster chest.

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