Happy New Year Siege! Here are a few upcoming events!

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18th January (yes, I know, short notice, sorry!) : Meet and Greet at the EM Hall at 7 pm EST. 
        Have a cup of... whatever that bubbling green stuff is... and throw event ideas around with EM Kincaid. Death robes are probably not optional, and the area might be crawling with crimson dragons and other beasties.

25th January at 5 pm EST : The immortal undead, part one
So, you see, this cretin of a necromancer decided to rent a room above a scribe's shop. Nobody bothered to ask what happens when the dead are re-animated right upstairs from a bookcase full of resurrection scrolls...  whatever it is, it won't be pretty. 

 1st February at 5 pm EST : Siege Council Meeting! 
Yes, I know you've been waiting a long time for this one. Blackthorn has finally finished polishing his crown, and is all set to face his adoring fans. 


  • Hurrayyyyyyyyy !!  >:)
  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
    Slight update - as a demonstration of how badly I need to get my "other" life under control - moving tomorrow night's meet and greet ahead 2 hours. Hopefully that will mean more of you can make it... knowing my luck, it'll have the opposite effect. If there's anything you'd REALLY like to discuss, but can't make it, post here, drop a book in my mailbox at the hall, send smoke signals by burning down a random building... or something. See you tomorrow AT SEVEN PM EST. I may be slightly incoherent due to lack of sleep, but that should just make it more fun!
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