Considering that IMBUING is Crafting, why don't we have Imbuing Bulk Order Deeds ?

Imbuing Bulk Order deeds giving as Rewards Imbuing Talismans and Aprons, Master Craftman's Imbuing Protection against imbuing failures and other cool Rewards for Imbuing ?

@Kyronix , @Bleak , could this be made possible within a global Crafting Revamp to make Crafting make a comeback and come to par with Legendaries' drops ?

Just a thought.....


  • Imbuing doesn't craft a single thing.
    It simply modifies/strengthens existing crafted items, in the same way that reforging and refining do.

    I vote no.
  • dvviddvvid Posts: 849
    Maybe not exactly BODs but some other kind of reward system for imbuing might be cool. 
  • Some of the Artificers in Ter Mur will give quests related to the materials made from unraveling. One of the rewards is possibly a Runic Mallet and Chisel. Still, more crafting-related content related to imbuing could be fun. 
  • MargretteMargrette Posts: 549
    When you make a new character using the Classic Client, Imbuing skill shows up in the "Magic" group of skills.  You don't use a tool when you imbue, so there's no crafting gump as there is with skills where you make something by using a tool.  Also, imbuing is a support skill for mysticism to make a mystic's spells more effective.
  • Imbuing is most definitely a crafting skill, as it is what allows artificers to make custom arms and armor. It also has a gump when you use the skill directly - how else do you choose what to imbue? It's in the magic group because you're using magic to channel the energies of various materials. (Also, the lore of the game explicitly states that it is a crafting skill)

    The secondary tie to mysticism was a thematic choice, but imbuing is a stand-alone skill. 

    Regarding BODs... Eh... I'm torn. While they could be cool, in theory, the coding would likely be a nightmare. Consider how many individual imbuable items there are, as well as how many things  can be imbued on themA random system would be unwieldy, while a static one would be called boring and nitpicked to death. 

    I do like the idea of an Artificer Master Craftsman talisman, though it might be best delivered as a quest reward - say for creating a suit of imbued gargish armor or a set of weapons for Zhah's army. 
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