Loot into non-main backpack

I understand it is possible to loot all into your main backpack, however, is it possible to loot all into another backpack that's in your main backpack?


  • TimTim Posts: 723
    In EC just set a "Loot bag" with the action "toggle loot bag" it will turn the container gold colour and all looted items except gold will go there. Will even work if you then move the "loot bag" to another container or beetle (if within drop range).

    Note if you are using an "Agent" to selectively move things (off a corps for example) it will still got to "Default Container"

    I don't use CC so can't help you there.
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,540
    Gold will go into the loot bag.  If I need to loot fast I'll just use the loot all button then move the gold out later when it is safe otherwise I'll use my gold agent first so the gold goes into my bag for holding gold then I'll use the loot all button so everything else goes into the loot bag.
  • TimTim Posts: 723
    I stand corrected 
    I've only used the loot all to move things around home not in combat. Been overloaded and can't run for it way too many times  :#
  • poppspopps Posts: 3,414
    The "Loot all" works with the base Enhanced Client or is it necessary to have Pinco UI installed in order to use "loot all" ?
  • no need for pinco's
  • yengahyengah Posts: 34
    @Tim thank you!  It works!  : D
  • TimTim Posts: 723
    Slightly off topic and I only mention it because I recently ran across a friend who didn't know about it.

    Did you know about the vacuum action that runs your chosen "Organizer" agent on all open containers except your "backpack". So you can set up an agent called loot that moves all gold, gems and what ever you want off all bodies. Then when standing in a pile of victims you open the bodies hit the vacuum hotkey and it all is moved to your back pack automatically. Leaving you free to defend yourself or pick what other loot you want to take. It takes time to run but I've used it with 20+ windows open.
  • yengahyengah Posts: 34
    @Tim Thank you Tim.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 969
    So the EC is the cause of the idoc vaccum?
  • TimTim Posts: 723
    It only works on open containers (window) & items have to be listed on the action to be moved. As far as I know there is no way for it or any other EC macro to open a "container". (unless specify identified when the macro was written.

    "Loot all" is not triggered by vacuum.

    idoc vacuum is an external macro as far as I know.
  • TimTim Posts: 723
    Oh and I should add 
    If you have never used an "Agent" they run at about the speed as if you were going through the effort of manually moving the items. They save on effort not time.
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