[EM News]Self Directed Quest - Jacob Mingler

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Beginning today (now), players may seek out Jacob Mingler the Stonemason. His help is needed patching the hole discovered in the sewers which is currently in danger of causing the entire system to be flooded.

Your task begins at Jacob's house in Minoc. You have until September 24th to complete the assignment.

There are parts of this that are designed, I hope, to take a little effort to complete. There is nothing dangerous or expensive in any part. Everyone who participates and turns in a report with, at a minimum, details from Jacob's shop, will receive one advancement point in the Order of the Rose or the Order of the Stone depending on which you signed up for. If you complete the entire task and turn in the report and the list of supplies needed for repairs, you will receive two advancement points. 

For this quest, I have put up an extra mailbox at the Meeting Hall due north of Brit Moongate.

If you find any problems with the quest, please email me at emfainemorgan@gmail.com. 

Note: Please understand that I'm trying to be a little vague on purpose as I want to see how this plays out to get a feeling for things such as this going forward. Good luck!


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    Ok, it seems several are super confused. I don't want to give a lot away here but I will tell you two things.

    1. Jacob's shop is on the outskirts of Minoc. Not Minoc proper.
    2. You ARE seeking Jacob but you may or may not find him. 
  • NyreNyre Posts: 47
    Problem with the books in Jacobs house,  Odd numbered pages are all blank and only the even number pages show text I dont know if this is a client issue with  EC vrs the CC.  
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    I think it must be a problem in the EC. If you can bear with me, I'll get screen shots of his journal posted here today if that will work?
  • NyreNyre Posts: 47
    Okay Thank You 
  • EM EchoEM Echo Posts: 165Event Moderator
    edited September 2019
    I hope this helps a bit. 

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