Treasure location rune books

Looking to buy a set of Tmap rune books, or a rune to a rune library for Treasure hunting.  I paid 20 mill for what I thought was a complete set, but there were 4 books that had no locations...and the locations that were in some of the books aren't even remotely close to the right location.  Can anyone help?


  • there are no such thing anymore, if I remember right.  tmaps has changed, less I miss understand what you bought. 

    • "Before Publish 67 randomized the map locations, Mining skill was not popular amongst the treasure hunters since many players were using a treasure map rune library or a website to find out precisely where to dig.
  • Ugh.  So I got bent over and wasted all that gold.  Oh well, live and learn.  Thanks.
  • I even spent a ton on a Davies locker, that gives coordinates...does this item still work?
  • MariahMariah Posts: 2,514Moderator
    Davies is useful and relevant, and the old treasure map books not without their uses, often allowing you to get close to the right location.
  • So Davies gives me the coordiantes...I guess I just go hunting with a sextant the old way.
  • SyncrosSyncros Posts: 116
    Dont even need a sextant, the ingame map (if using the EC) has coords.  You can use rune books with the shrines/dungeons/towns etc.. to help get closer to your spot you want.  I was going to get Davies but luckily my friend has one so I use that. 

    Look on Stratics for more tmap help there. Found a nice macro that helps with digging there. 
  • AndrastaAndrasta Posts: 17
    Goodman's Rune Library has a set of old and new treasure maps spots that would get you close to your locations on the second floor. Goodman's can be found close to the Zento moongate.

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