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Hello Everyone, nice to be here :)
I have a very n00by question regarding pets in the house. Is there a way to keep a tamed/bonded pet present in the house even after logging off (additionally, without it going wild)? And if not, what happens if I put a wild (released) pet in my home, will it be able to safely roam the premises?
And one more silly question, are half and quarter walls as impassable as normal, full walls? Even in the public house (e.g. would somebody be able to teleport through such a fence)?


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    The only way to leave a bonded pet ingame when the character logs out is a pack animal that has items in its pack.  Left ingame this way they will go wild fairly quickly.

    I have heard tale of lost pets being found days later and retamed, however I believe standard mechanics will despawn wild creatures after a time.  

    Short answer is, no, I do not believe that even with all exits secured that it is possible to have a permanent house pet like you describe.
  • LouveLouve Posts: 13
    Thank you Merus for replying.
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