Yew Community Center (YCC) & Pacific Memorial Museum

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The Yew Community Center of Evergreen
and the Pacific Memorial Museum
are open to the public. 

Located just north and east of the Yew Moongate in Trammel is the Yew Community Center (YCC) which hosts workstations for just about every craft, and Minerva works tirelessly to make sure they are charged. Feel free to visit and work on your skills! Leave a message on the bulletin board to let us know if there is some other feature/service you'd like added. A small (yet growing) Rune Library is also in the castle. New books are being marked by our resident mage and scribe, so check back often. The YCC will also serve as the venue for future events, so bookmark this thread for easy access to updates. A vendor is present at the YCC with items for returning and young players at decent prices. It is asked that veterans please do not buy out this vendor! Donations to the YCC can be made via the mailbox, which sits near the teleport pad to the museum.

The Pacific Memorial Museum was gifted to Kirthag by Ron Silverbeard when he retired from Sosaria. All of his rares and Kirthag's private collection from Napa are slowly being organized and put on display throughout the old castle placed by Ron himself in CE2000 on Dagger Island. The teleport pad in the YCC goes directly into this castle which is an excellent place for Tamers to hone their skills. Feel free to visit as more ancient and unique items are put out on display in this winter-themed, custom castle.

All deco and building is done by Minerva and Kirthag. If you wish to donate any plain granite to the completion of the Museum, please drop in the mailbox. If you have bulk, leave a message on the bulletin boards to make delivery arrangements. Please keep in mind that both castles are constantly being re-decorated, and the museum is under major construction (we are adding floors). 


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    I am just about done getting my degree (YAY!) after all these years, and will be getting back into UO again real soon. Expect events, hunts, and more to be coming to this thread, along with other more RP type of stuff focused around the YCC. The Spirit of Sosaria does live.
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    Congrats on your degree and I hope to see you in-game real soon!  Your teleporters to Ice Island area a real boon for my newbie tamers who are training on polar bears!  Thanks for that and I hope you don't ind the Polar Beary's I leave behind!
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    You're all good Sable! When I notice too many named ones running around, I go gather up some leather and meat. Glad the YCC could be of service!

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    This is very cool indeed 

    hats St off to you congratulations 
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    New feature at the YCC - and something sorely missing on many shards... Thief Training!

    Or.. um... "The Finer Art of Picking Accidentally Locked Boxes" as some would say.

    The little book helps to explain how the training facility works. Especially for the colored boxes (lockpicking). Tried and tested by the one and only Ferret that runs amok in the castle sometimes. Watch out for it - is a sly one!

    Located on the first floor of the YCC.


    Edited to add: Also have two auctions running right now for some pigmet dyes. The Auction Safes are on the front steps of the castle. And slowly stocking the YCC Vendor with inexpensive items for new/returning players to gear up. Vets, please don't buy out this vendor. Thanks!
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    The museum is closed for a bit during heavy construction, but the teleport pad is still available between the Trammel locations of the YCC in Yew and the museum on Dagger (Ice) Isle.

    Tandy is adding new floor(s) and rather than people fall and get hurt, she felt is best to close the main areas of the museum until she's done. Will post an update later.

    Another note, the YCC vendors have been restocked (both in Malas and at the YCC). Tandy is "cleaning house" as she does construction. She's such a busy body.
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    Mellon Kirthag,

    Firstly, congrats on your degree and much success with it.. 

    Your community center is an excellent place, well done indeed! I am sure it will be of great use to players of all walks.. hope to see you in game.


    Valthalion of Sage

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    Thank you.

    And... this reminds me..

    Both YCC Vendors are stocked (at the center and in Luna) with all sorts of stuffs. Not only cleaning house, but some new things and resources as well. Also have all sorts of hi-end stuff that will be going out - perhaps an auction is in order? I dunno... 

    Museum is open again for everyone. I think Tandy is done with the heavy construction and is just organizing and putting everything out. The doors are open and explorers are welcome! 

    We had a huge discussion about converting one of the castles to one of the new pre-fab styles, but decided against it due to the serious customizing Tandy had done and the amount of granite that had been donated from other miners for these castles. Thanks everyone - without you we wouldn't be here. :)

    Looking forward to the holidays, which are always so special in Sosaria!

    Blessed be.
    Kirthag, The Black, Tandy, Kat, and others (running amok in the realm).

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    Greetings Pacific!

    We've been very busy with otherworldly matters which find us having moved far-far-far away from the island of our birth (including the 9th). We are busy getting situated in the mid-Atlantic region but will not be leaving our Pacific home in Soaria - we might actually find ourselves more active soon! 

    Vendors will be restocked in a bit.... and as always the community center and museum are open.

    Happy Spring!
    Kirthag, The Black, Tandy, Kat, and the rest of us.
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    AT THE Yew Community Center
    There is now a public Seed Box for identifying your seeds. It is just inside by the Hall entrance. Please remember to remove seeds after identifying them. If I find seeds in the box, I will grow them.


    The Crystal Portal is moved to the Astrology Tower - it doesn't work in the Hall for some reason (pesky gremlins).


    Vendors are being restocked as Tandy cleans house. Your continued patronage will help fund additional services and more displays.

    Thank you Pacific :)

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    Right now, there are some closed off areas of the YCC for renovations. Public services are still available, and will be moved around some, but all will remain on the ground floor. Please be careful when visiting as Tandy is in a bit of a dervish frenzy since Teddy Roosevelt traded some plain granite for all of her colored inventory (cannot thank you enough).

    Once the dust settles at the YCC, Tandy promises to return to the museum for some much needed upkeep and display organization.

    Current List of Public Services at the YCC:

    • Crafting Work Stations (all of them public with charges)
    • Rune Library
    • Bank Chest (send your stuff to the bank)
    • Seed Box
    • Fountain of Life access
    • Waterwheel (water source)
    • Crystal & Corrupted Crystal Balls
    • Free Access to the museum via teleport to Dagger Isle
    • Vendors (recently restocked)
    • Auction Safe (currently active, with something different every week)
    • Lockpick//Remove Trap training is removed until after the T-Hunt revamp goes live

    Give us a bit of time as Tandy does her very special brand of crafting magic, and thank you Pacific for being so awesome!


    The Yew Community Center (YCC) is located just north and east of the Yew Gate in Trammel.
    The Pacific Memorial Museum is accessible by a teleport pad within the YCC, and resides near the Honesty Shrine on Dagger Isle of Trammel. 

    If you would like to help the museum grow, please visit the YCC vedors in Yew and Luna an make a purchase. All vendor funds are used in the collection of rares (particularly those unique to Pacific and Napa) that have been forced through the Void to other Shards. And as always,donations of plain granite will be welcomed - simply drop your unwanted granite in the mailboxes.
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    Public Services Are Now Available

    Everything for the public is located on the ground level. Please bring your own resources for all trade skills as we cannot guarantee the vendors will have what you need. Skill Stations with free charges where applicable (we keep the stations charged for your training needs) are centrally located; except for Alchemy and Inscription, because these magical things need their own space. 
    • Spinning Lathe (carpentry)
    • Fletching Station
    • Sewing Machine (with complimentary Loom & Spinning Wheel)
    • Tinker Bench
    • Smithing Press (with complimentary Small Forge and Soulforge)
    • Oven/BBQ (cooking/baking)
    • Alchemy Station
    • Writing Desk (inscription)
    • Advanced Training Dummy (train up to 60 in melee skills)
    Other amenities available to the public include...
    • Wood Workbench (carpentry +5 for half hour)
    • Public Commodity Box (all the easier to bring your own resources)
    • Trash Barrel (please keep the area tidy)
    • Dye Tub Hall (please reset color to default when done)
    • Friends of YCC Charity Chest (a benefactor honor - must be friended to the castle)
    • Public Seed Box (any seeds left behind will be removed and grown)
    • Luck Statue
    • Sherry the Mouse with comprehensive Town Cryer access (simply say "news" where Sherry can hear you
    • 2 Auction Safes (will start again once renovations are completed)
    • Crystal & Corrupted Crystal Balls (City Mints & Dungeons teleports)
    • Free Teleport Pad to Dagger (Ice) Isle and the Pacific Memorial Museum (great spot for tamers and bards)
    • Bank Chest (deposits only)
    • Water Wheel (water source)
    • Fountain of Life access (enhance your bandies)
    • Distillery (bring your own ingredients and barrels)
    • Growing Rune Library (our mages are currently making new marks for the latest content, these will be added in time
    • Vendors with supplies, some resources, and items of interest for new and returning players. Please don't buy-out these vendors. 
    • The YCC does have a high-end vendor in Malas at Yang's house if you wish to help us with gold

    And of course, interesting decor and customization of the YCC itself.

    There are still some renovations taking place, thus access to certain sections of the castle are blocked as it may be dangerous. 

    All this has been made possible by generous donations from other players, and my personal love of Sosaria. The YCC's purpose is to assist new and returning players as they get used to the world so let them know! Other services will be added over time.

    Thank you Pacific!

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    Thank you so much for all that you have put into this,  I'm so happy to see it is still going.  What a wonderful contribution you have made to the game.  What are your current needs in terms of donations?
    Loki of UBB
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    Thank you @Loki . :)

    Right now there is no real need for any donations for the YCC, although if there is anything you wish to give, we won't turn it away. The mailboxes at both the YCC and the Museum are excellent ways to drop stuff. If something is dropped at the Museum, it will be used specifically for the Museum.

    I am considering ways to have crafting resources available to visitors of the YCC, but do not want to be taken advantage of in this respect. Tandy is still an active crafter, and she might get a bit miffed should her gathered resources suddenly disappear.

    I want to add that if the castle I am submitting to the contest is selected, I will change the YCC to that design... then gold will be an issue (20m+ gold to swap the castle design). Contrary to popular belief, just because a person has two castles full of stuff doesn't mean they have a lot of gold/plat. It costs a lot to go galavanting to the Mall Shard (ATL) and buy back items that left Pacific and Napa. Donations of gold can be made to the mailbox (piles) if desired. 

    The Museum will always stay as a classic castle with masonry customization.

    To remind everyone, I am not selling anything from the Museum, and that includes the Bounty Heads and items on the mannequins - please don't ask. Items at the museum are on display for the enjoyment of any who wish to visit, learn, and reminisce of times gone by. 
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    YCC Services Unavailable

    This is temporary as we remodel for the Holidays.

    YCC Vendors Still Open

    Don't forget to visit our vendors! We'll be adding more with the remodel!

    Coming Soon!

    New Vendors with expanded product lines!
    Tavern with scheduled events!

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    Grand Holiday Opening of the Yew Community Center (YCC)

    Although we do love the classic castle design, we wanted something new for the YCC without all the masonry additions (sorry Tandy). To provide a smoother atmosphere upon which to visit, we opted for the Grimswind Sisters design from Publish 104. It sports the features we like with plenty of room for our services AND decorating needs. A lot of the pavers, walls, and steps used in the old castle will be reutilized in the Pacific Memorial Museum, which will stay as the classic castle design due to its historical nature and value.
    We are still decorating, looking for special items, and getting ready to bring stuff over from other shards, but our Public Services are now available, and the gates are unlocked! Come and visit! Sign our bulletin board! Tell your friends!

    And thank you, Pacific, for being such a wonderful shard!

    First Floor

    • Easily accessible Vendors! New vendors with all sorts of inventory getting loaded!
    • Free teleport to Trammel's Dagger Isle (aka Ice Island) at the Pacific Memorial Museum, and all the polar bears you wish to tame right by the Honesty Shrine
    • Offices and private quarters for Kirthag and Lark


    • Public Access Bank Depository
    • Crystal and Corrupted Crystal Portals
    • Sherry the Mouse for news
    • Luck Statue

    Second Floor

    • Dining and Event Hall
    • Tavern and games
    • Public Rune Library
    • Public Kitchen (with charged cooking station)
    • Kirthag's green room

    Third Floor

    • Public and charged stations for tailoring, carpentry, fletching, tinkering, and blacksmithing
    • Woodworker's bench and Soulforge
    • Public Commodity Box to bring your resources
    • Public Dye Tubs with dyes to change their colors as you wish
    • Please note Alchemy and Inscription services are still closed while Kat works at restocking vendors. These will be made public when she is done.


    • Public Seed Box
    • Public Telescope for stargazing
    • Public Fountain of Life (x2)


    • Historical artifacts
    • Pleasing garden displays
    • Seasonal decor to suit

    As we get some things settled, we will host periodic events here. So pay attention to this board for announcements!

    And we personally want to apologize for taking so long. We notice Lunk died while waiting. ;)

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    YCC Facilities are closed pending an investigation into abuses.

    Granted, I haven't made resources publically available, but my stealthers and some friends have observed unattended macroing happening at the YCC. Apparently, some people have taken advantage of the publicly available crafting stations, Tandy's ability to keep them fully charged, and the public commodity box.

    Security levels and access to certain things are being adjusted within the YCC as well as the Memorial Museum.

    Knowing how the enforcement of the ToS may be subjected to false reports and abuses, this puts any public house owner into a certain dilemma; particularly if the location of the said house is desired by others. No, I haven't received official notice from the gods - but I wish to avoid any "notations" on my accounts. I know the YCC's location is highly desired by some who have made many lucrative offers to buy the castle spot - all of which I've refused (for it is MY spot). After much thought and discussion with some of my closest friends - I opted to close the public facilities for a while.

    I apologize to the people who legitimately visit and use the facilities for skill gain, travel via the rune library, and just visiting. Their camaraderie is the biggest reason for my still living within Sosaria.

    In light of this season of giving - it pains me to have to take away.

    The vendors will stay available, as well as the teleport to the museum on Dagger Isle - although that facility will also be closed to the public until I can decide how I want to manage this situation.

    Thank you all for your understanding.

    Kirthag DiOrsae
    (and her Player)

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    In time for Yule!

    The YCC is OPEN

    Changes to Services:
    • Commodity Box is no longer public - it is for Friends of the YCC on a trial basis
    • Friend Storage has been removed (sorry gang)
    • Resource Runebooks are removed from the Library
    • All Fountains of Life are for Friends only (no longer public)
    • Public Seed Box moved to courtyard mezzanine
    • Public Dyes for the dye tubs will be set out - the container is no longer public

    Public Services:
    • Crafting Stations w/charges
    • Banquet Facilities & Tavern
    • Teleport to Dagger Isle (Tamers rejoice!)
    • Crystal Portals, Luck Stone, and Bank Chest are still public and located on the courtyard mezzanine
    • All other services are al listed above

    Thank you Pacific for your understanding. I know many returning players visit the YCC, and people training skills (particularly taming) so wanted to open things up again quickly. I have identified the people abusing our services, and will ban them from the YCC on sight. (You know who you are.)
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