There is an error when trying to access our LA EM page

Hi, at this link: , I received a '404 error' page not found error.  We seem to not be able to access our EM and events, or have we lost our EM?  Can a link be placed there so we can get to information on LA?  Thanks!!  We have need of adding a City governor to Yew for the new term!


  • ElofLAElofLA Posts: 25
    I got errors and notes that the discussion didn't post when trying to put this on LA's forum!  How odd that when I go to the forum after finally successfully getting it to SAY it posted, I found multiple instances of my forum post!  Well, hrm.  Sorry for the multiples, but it plainly gave me errors and didn't say "posted"!! 
  • EM TopazEM Topaz Posts: 64Event Moderator
    I know our page has been down for quite some time. It is being worked on still. Just wanted to update you all. if it's any consolation Atlantic's page is down too lol? I guess it couldn't take this much awesomesauce.
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