Dare I say They Are Making High Seas Actually Fun?

I think this is the best event/new feature they've done yet in the way it's being handled. Sure it still has that grind we love looking for niter. But the rewards are fun. Not impossible to do even solo. It fits in with the theme of UO well. The whole pirate theme is great. The whole cannon firing thing is acceptable. The population of UO isn't exactly at an all time high so I super appreciate being able to do this own my own. Really pleased with the whole thing. Dare I say they did good? I hope they keep this whole thing rolling and it's not some temporary thing. Pull out old rewards after awhile and add new ones every so often. I'd love to see this go on forever.
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies


  • ZekeTerraZekeTerra Posts: 313
    Totally agree.  Oh wait, am I agreeing it Lt Lucky?  OMG!!!!
  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    I think you might be right Capt.
  • TerryUOTerryUO Posts: 13
    I have enjoyed it for quite a few hours, I agree that it would be acceptable permanent content.
  • GlorfindelGlorfindel Posts: 36
    I’ve really enjoyed it as well. Hope it stays!
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