How do I make a multistory waterfall?

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I want to put in a multistory waterfall that starts at the roof line of the third floor and cascades down to the first floor.  I am starting bottom up. But adding the part on the second floor results in the "it is not structurally sound" error message when I try to commit the change even though the part on the second floor is right above the part on the first floor. I am using the straight down part for both the first and second floor.


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    This is one I know of on LS just at the Entrance to Cove. Come visit it. Looking at it, it looks like the waterfalls themselves are placed in line with the walls when you go inside. Maybe seeing in person may help?

    Oh yes, I just walked off the edge on each floor. :) the waterfall is in the wall spot.

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    mine starts from the top down
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    Very Nice
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    you have to replace the wall tiles with the waterfall, and then add another waterfall inside
  • These are so much fun and satisfying to make.  They really add peace and tranquility to your home.

    Unless they are filled with boiling hot MAHG-MA.
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