Treasure maps other suggestions etc (not bugs, loot or guardians)

Somewhat belatedly I realised one of the reasons I can't BoS gold to the bank is the bag of 48 treasure maps in there that are part of test center supplies. So I fetched them out to work my way through.

place jawbone alongside the map giving totems in Ilshenar
place a crystal moonstone in Eodon likewise
anything else you can think of so we spend less time running all over the map and more actually digging up treasure maps.
if possible place an arcane circle at WBB and position 120 spellweave NPC on it?


  • WhesslesWhessles Posts: 49
    This right here is PURE gold! Awesome suggestions!

  • jaytinjaytin Posts: 417
    Nice post, I say we put Petra in charge!
  • HermioneHermione Posts: 51

    if possible place an arcane circle at WBB and position 120 spellweave NPC on it?
    Spellweaving circles have a catchment of +/- 20 skill, so placing a spellweaver at 120 would catch only 100-120 skill, placing one at 100 skill will catch 80-120. (Granted you can edit your skill on test centre) Also, this is something that can be done by any kind player with an EJ account, Pinco's UI has an inbuilt function to keep a character logged in at all times.
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,382
    I take your point about GM spellweaving in preference to 120, however I'd still prefer that the character placed should be NPC.  Requiring a player to perform this function assumes the player has multiple accounts and computing facilities to allow it. It also requires unattended play, which is something I would never encourage or condone.
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