FaineMorgan - how about make a sitting group outside luna stable?

MandrakeMandrake Posts: 61
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How about make a sitting group outside luna stable aka atl? I think it would be nice....


  • NyreNyre Posts: 47
    I agree having some nice deco outside the Area of the stables would be nice.  Come up with some of your own ideas of what you would like to see.  Atl  has a nice dragon Rug from the uostore down  
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    Hey guys. There's actually already a seating area in Luna that even has a bartender! If you double click the orange colored flower, it takes you up to the brick walkway overlooking the courtyard area.

    Double clicking the Knight will take you back down to the ground quickly

    It kind of reminds me a bit of the days of bank sitting on the top of Brit bank (but much more comfortable!).
    P.S. I even confirmed you can buy drinks from the bartender. :smile:
  • NyreNyre Posts: 47
    Thank You M'lady  
  • Jaden_RainJaden_Rain Posts: 67
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    I agree with Faine on this one, the sitting area there is awesome and I personally am not a fan of the indoor furniture there by stables on Atlantic , it looks outta place, I am a fan of tose Dragon Rugs *cough cough* but we all know why I am , perhaps one at  that  balcony where the sitting srea is and pull that flower that takes you up there out so it doesn't fall under the other plants and we need to inform more new players its there
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