Casa Moga Designed By Mandrake

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone else has a Upgraded Keep Casa Moga located in Fel?
I was wondering because I wanted to upgrade mine and chose  Casa Moga. It is very different from other Keeps in that it is not uniform in colour or Design. Is it a safe Keep for Fel? I ask because there are areas where the walls are low and you can possible be targeted from the outside while going about you business in your home on various floors. Anyone who has one of these homes in Fel have any issues with being attacked? I will keep mine for a bit and ad a Ankh for resing in it just in case. 
  1. Which Of the New Keeps Do you like most?4 votes
    1. Robin's Nest
    2. Triditional Keep
    3. Villa Crowley
    4. Darkhorn Keep
    5. Sandlewood Keep
    6. Casa Moga


  • ArronArron Posts: 485
  • Petra_FydePetra_Fyde Posts: 1,375
    Don't forget there is another new keep, the one from the first contest. That's the one I converted to and none of those in your list from the second contest caused me to regret my choice.  Trinsic keep by Canary.
  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 10
    I have this design in Fel, and yes you can be targeted on the bottom floor at the back of the hall.  I just didnt put any boxes or chests there, the rest of the keep seems fairly safe.  I have had this design for a few months now and really like it!  Hope you do as well.
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,692
    Can you lock down tall hedges there or arcane bookshelves?
    I know some people who put up hedges in their fel castles so they couldn't be attacked.
    I don't have this design or I'd test that out for you...
  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 10
    I will play around with it this evening and let you know.
  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    Thank you for the  input guys and gals. I liked the Casa Moga Design because it was different. I have and account with noob players and it is easy for them to be killed hehe, also the Casa Moga Design was harder for me to decorate lol so I decided to change to the Darkhorn Keep. I am like this Keep as well. I have almost finished decorating it. 
  • I'm using the casa Mogu layout because they actually put in doors and walls!  I don't like how they think putting in so much space is good in any way.  I'm talking about giant rooms half the size of the castle plot.
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