45-50 SDI Spellbook

Hello friendly Brittanians,

Looking for a 45-50 SDI spellbook, especially a 50 SDI if possible. Any price checks for this range? I've seen a 47 SDI for 35m. Looking for a better deal as I'm a newer player. Unfortunately, I only started playing after these spellbooks were shadowguard drops. Please let me know if you are looking to clean out a closet that's been storing such an item, I'd put it to good use.

Also would be interested in slayers over 25 SDI.

I do most my playing on Pacific and most my trading on Atlantic.

Thanks for your time,


  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,815

    Hello fellow Pacific player. Like you I do most of my playing on Pacific and shop on Atlantic. 

    Last time I checked a 48 SDI had a 50m asking price on Atl.
    I've been buying some over 25 SDI slayers on Atl.  I try for a price under 20 million.  I lucked out the other day and got several 29 SDI slayers for less than 1 million each.  The seller really under valued them.

    Use this query:
    Item Name: Slayer
    Casting: Spell Damage increase: 26

    If you need something transferred from Atlantic to Pacific I usually do a transfer once a month.

  • AzarthAzarth Posts: 9
    Hey there Tim,

    Thanks for the info! yes, I have often used that exact Vendor Search query...

    Thanks for the offer to transfer! That is a very important role and something I've found a few trusty people willing to do, so I definitely appreciate the offer. What is your player's name?

    Also, I wrote "Shadowguard" and meant "Shattered Obelisk." Still getting the hang of all the right terminology..
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,815
    On Pacific my main character is 'Tim' and on Atlantic it is 'Son of Tim'.  My transfer character varies but I usually use 'Sam'. He starts on Pacific then returns from Atlantic after a few days. If you do have something to transfer either direction give a shout out on general chat on Pacific or PM me here.  My next transfer is not for another couple weeks.

    For security I do use a password system so I do not end up giving someone else's items to the wrong person.
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