Oceania PvP Thread

SneakySneaky Posts: 6
A bit of an update on the current state of PvP on Oceania:

There are currently a few different guilds who PvP and regularly do the VvV towns on Oceania. The most active PvP guilds are FFS!, 420, and Promised Land. Fights between these guilds happen most nights in the towns. There's also some other guilds like BS, 3T, EOB, S^R, etc... who turn up sometimes too. Currently, 420 has the highest "Score" (awarded for completing towns/altars), while FFS! has the highest kill count. For returning players, the current leaderboard can be accessed via the guild menu after joining VvV.

FFS! (the dominant guild by far :P) consists of around four players who regularly PvP and another seven or so who are less active or inactive. Promised Land (aka "The Smith Family") has three members. BS/3T has one regular player but quite a few who are inactive. I think 420 has three or four? If all the less active/inactive players were to play for more than 5 minutes when they log in they would find that there is actually some good PvP to be had on the shard. Players who just log in for a couple of minutes, complain that there is no PvP, log out, then miss all the action that happens when they aren't around only have themselves to blame.



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