Can’t wait to see what I’m in for

EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 185Event Moderator
Hey Atlantic my name is EM Roenick and I am your new shard Event Moderator.  I will do my 

best at bringing you some interesting story lines and some great adventures along the way 

and hopefully some long lasting memories.  I do have some tough shoes to fill, the last EM 

of Atlantic did a wonderful job at creating content for you guys, and I am up for the 


A little about me – Well I have been playing UO since December of 97, never really took any 

breaks as I am a hardcore UO addict.  Once my accounts turned 14 years I have been 

exploring other shards and I do stop by Atlantic from time to time to do a little shopping 

to complete my collections.  I have attended EM events over the years on a couple shards so 

I have a few ideas for some stories to bring to Atlantic.  Hopefully you will enjoy the 

events I have planned for you.

We will be having a Meet and Greet soon so that I can meet you guys and you’re also welcome 

to ask me any questions you may have. Please don’t forget to share which events you do 

enjoy attending; It can be role playing, scavenger hunts, storylines or kill monsters and 

hope for a few death robes err I mean hope for a “drop”.  In the meantime feel free to 

email me with any concerns, comments, questions, or stories you would like to see. I can be 

reached at  

Hope to see you all in game, 

EM Roenick


  • ShannonShannon Posts: 2
    Welcome sir looking forward to attending some of your events
  • Welcome boss good to have ya on board.
  • MerlinMerlin Posts: 211
    Good luck!
  • GraceGrace Posts: 148
    Looking forward to the new adventures!
  • RubyKnightRubyKnight Posts: 192
    Welcome! Hope you are ready to start filling those shoes VERY soon!
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  • Welcome to Atlantic! :)
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  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 185Event Moderator
    Thanks Everyone,  Be sure to check out my Test Event on Legends March 5th 8pm EST.  1 Step closer to moving to Atlantic
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,741
    I will be there with Bells on

    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,741
    Remove Trap = Bad News
    Treasure Hunters
  • Excited to see the new EM.  Looking forward to great storylines and content.  

    Well met, and Dark 'eve. 
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    Great name!

    I might check out the occasional event though I grew tired of them a long time ago. Not tired because they weren't fun or entertaining but because of greed and cheating. Who wants to try to do the event while dealing with crazy amounts of extra lag from those doing it with lots of accounts at once? They do it solely for the drop that makes them 300m each and while I rarely got a drop these guys get 3-4+ with their bot scripts, HUGE turnoff. I hope you can spot and ban the multiboxers at events moving forward and not make friends with them and favor them like they've enjoyed in the past.

    Worse, they don't even help!! They tend to stand off on the side or remain hidden until they see the "yellow" end boss, then their scripts go to town.

    Welcome to Atlantic!

    Ready, Willing and Able
  • VioletViolet Posts: 372
    EM Ulric has been using teleporting mobs on occasion .  It will move from one spot to another. Piles and piles of dead bots, fun stuff.
  • DryzzidDryzzid Posts: 80
    Hello and welcome to Atlantic!
    Mayor of North Harbor Township, Atlantic Shard
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  • G'Morning

    Was wondering what days and times you will be holding EM events and will they be posted ahead of time? Also will you be continuing any of the prior story arcs, (Crux Ansata) or how do you plan your events? IE: use UO history or follow new game content or game wide arcs that are coming out? How do you handle the role of the king and his meetings? I know you will have a meet and greet but quite frankly there is so many questions and I don't want to steal all your allotted time

    Good Luck on Atlantic..... see you in game

  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 185Event Moderator
    Hey Arya,  So since Atlantic is not my home shard, I never did get a chance to attend any of EM Bennu's events.  So for now I am not aware of any event arc's he had going on, nor am I familiar with the Cruz Ansata Guard series.  For now lets plan on me creating new story arc's and perhaps a Guard series of my own.  In the beginning I will be working along side EM Obsidian until I get familiar with and get a handle on everything.  Events most likely will be during the week from Monday to Thursday in the evenings anywhere from 7-10pm EST.  As for the King's Meetings I have attended a few this past month on some shards and have an idea on what needs to be covered and addressed at these meetings.  So we shall see how they turn out.  I am also open to suggestions on days and times for events/king's meetings so everyone is able to attend.

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to say hello, its good to see the player base involved in the new forums.
    EM Roenick
  • EM ObsidianEM Obsidian Posts: 325Event Moderator
    *pokes his head in the door* 

    Hi guys! As Roenick mentioned, we will be working together for you guys on Atlantic. 
    The time has come for Atlantic to have not one, but two EMs! 
    I will be working with Roenick a lot in the beginning as he gets going, and doing an event or two of my own writing each month as well. 

    *ponders the possibilities of two EMs running around*
  • TMTTMT Posts: 12
    welcome sir
  • RubyKnightRubyKnight Posts: 192
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    On Atlantic there is a White book that appeared around Luna Yesterday and one locked down at Brit Castle today saying something about Taxation Without Representation. It says to meet there today March 4th at 8pm EST. Anyone know what this is about? The book is locked down and cannot be removed.

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  • RubyKnightRubyKnight Posts: 192
    Sorry, it put the pics out of order and I cannot seem to change it.

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  • OlchOlch Posts: 36
    I attended your test event on Legends last night.

    Overall I'd say it went better than most other test events do. Unfortunately I had showed up a few minutes late and by that time I both missed any/all RP and missed the gate from Trinsic to the fighting location. I will say that the item drop is very nice - nice graphic, nice color and although I can't relate the item to the specific event RP, I know that character exists in the UO world/lore so that's a huge plus. 

    I'd suggest: a bit more RP to break up the fighting monotony and a bit more moving around rather than just one gate to exactly the final destination that we sit at for 45 minutes killing things. Oh, and make the gates last longer :)

    ps: no one likes Crimson Dragons
  • EM RoenickEM Roenick Posts: 185Event Moderator
    Hello and Thank you to everyone who attended my event Monday night.  I'm not sure why the gate didn't stay open longer to the fighting area, I put a 45 min time limit on it.  Ill try to add some more Role Playing during the fight to break up the monotony.  And I love Crimson Dragons so be prepared for a lot of those *evil grin*.  I saw Drakelord did a short write up on Stratics.  Unfortunately I don't have a handle on Stratics yet or else I would post there. It was a good read with some pictures,  thank you Drakelord.  Here is a link case anyone would like to read.

    Once again Thank you everyone for attending. 

    EM Roenick

  • SmootSmoot Posts: 393
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      Ill try to add some more Role Playing during the fight to break up the monotony.  And I love Crimson Dragons so be prepared for a lot of those *evil grin*.

    Once again Thank you everyone for attending. 

    EM Roenick

    Crimson dragons, while a decent event mob, have been over-used.  im not saying to never use, but too many EMs just spawn 50 crimson dragons and thats the event.  Issues are complicated especially for atlantic, because theres usually around 150 to 200 characters, and the additional fire can be over-load for the lag.  When alot of people see crimson dragons, its rule of thumb to just to go off and sit somewhere to stay out of the fire, so discourages participation. 
    Location also matters alot.  you can get away with a handful in an open area, spread out, but small area the fire builds up too much.  It would be great if the Crimson dragon mob could be spawned minus the problematic fire, but i dont think this is possible.

    I'm not saying to never use, its a great mob just have to be used carefully. 

  • FatFat Posts: 97
    If they cant deal with Crimson Dragons there is always Slasher and Exodus
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