Guild Alliance issue that GMs cant solve more than a month

Here is my pity story:
I'm a guild leader of one of the biggest guild on Europe - Lukomorie [L&M]. There was an guild Alliance between [40%] and [L&M]. In that ally - [40%] was ally leader.
Then [40%] made another ally. But my guild is still in old ally. I dont have a button "leave ally" in my guild menu gump.
I cant offer to any guild an ally cause - "I'm not an ally leader"
Other guilds cant give me ally cause - "[L&M] is already in ally"

I wrote a GM page 29.01.2018.. Gm came to me and he cant solve this issue.

"Thank you for your petition 9147913. Your issue has been escalated to the next level so it can be addressed properly. It may take some time for your issue to be addressed, so we ask that you be patient with us"

15.02.2018 I've wrote to GMs again:
"We are contacting you regarding your appeal, Ticket#: 9149963. Unfortunately your issue is currently under investigation in ticket 9147913."
Still nothing...

We also tried to break new [40%] ally and rebuild our old ally [40%] + [L&M]  - nothing
40% was able to sent me request, but I didnt see it.
I was no able to sent request - cause I'm not an ally leader ))
I even able to write in ally chat - and 40% are able to read my messages, I cant see ally messages )
And we are also not green to each other.

I'm just wondering, is it really so great issue than uo support cant solve it more than a month? ))


  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420

    You have to go under the diplomacy button in guild roster and type in the name of the guild your allied to or want to be allied to, then when their guild shows up on list click on it and itll have the options to leave alliance or join alliance or itll say alliance request pending.

  • As was shown on the pictures I have only - Request Alliance. But I cant do it, casue I will get message - You are not alliance Leader.
    40% also cant give me request cause - L&M already in alliance.
    Dead end. ))
  • ZuckussZuckuss Posts: 3
    In order to leave an alliance, open the "Guild Menu" on your paper-doll, then click "Diplomacy." You will then see a list of guilds and their relationship status. Any allies should appear at the top of the list and will say "Ally" under the Status column. You can use the arrow next to the column title to sort the list between peace/ally/war. You can also use the "Advanced Search" located on the bottom of the Diplomacy Menu. Choose "Show Guilds with Relationship" and click "OK." Click on the guild you are allied to, and then choose "Leave Alliance."
  • Drake, thank you a lot for information how to leave guild alliance :)
    As you can see at my screenshots I did all steps you told.
    And when I click at my alliance leader guild 40% I got a gump WITHOUT button Leave Alliance <span>:smile:</span>
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    Are you on the guild leader character of your guild when you look for the leave the alliance button? 

    Hmmm, it seems any guildmate should have a leave alliance button even if they don't have the authority to use it.  I know as an alliance leader, there is sometimes this glitch where when I add a guild to my alliance, it breaks off my guild and the new guild from the whole alliance.  We don't see the other alliance members on our alliance list anymore, though seemingly we are still allied.  To fix it, I had to basically backtrack by kicking the new guild and letting the alliance rest back to normal (which usually takes to the next sever up).  I wonder if when you joined, this happened to you.

    Out of curiosity, what happens if you request an alliance with the Russian Vodka?  It doesn't seem to recognize you are in an alliance with them if it gives you this option.  Is the Russian Vodka guild inactive now?
  • Sure I am
  • Russian Vodka is active. Its leader my friend. We tried to broke his current ally with other friend guild to remake our old/broken ally. But we didn't wait until server restart.

    When 40% tried to send me request he got message that "L&M already in ally".
    When I tryed to send ally request to 40% my message was - you are not alliance leader.
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    Have him kick you from his alliance and if he is able to, both of you wait a day (until after your next server maintenance) before you try rejoining or creating a new alliance.
  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420
    If you guys are good friends, just join the same guild.  Thatll fix it!!   LOLOLOL
  • 40% doesnt see LM in ally, so he cant kick me. And of course my PvP chars are in LM, but what to do with other 787 LM members ? ))
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    I'm at a loss then.  Might want to drop Mesanna an email with the images you posted here and an explanation of what happened.
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    Have all the guilds involved tried to break their alliances? It might do something.
  • SableSable Posts: 242
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    Actually, what JC suggested got me to thinking.  How many guilds is 40% allied with right now?  They added a new guild and that seemed to break things for you, right?  What was the new guild added and have they added any others since then?

    As I mentioned with my own experiences with the guild glitches, as the alliance leader I basically back tracked.  I would kick the new guild that caused the issue and let the server reboot refresh our alliance.  Then I was add them again.  So if 40% could kick the guild they added which broke the whole thing and if you guys wait for server up, maybe it will reset  and fix it like it always does for me.  If it does work and it resets, you can resend the invite to that other guild.
  • As for me - its just strange, that players but Not GMs gives advices for solving this glitch  :/
  • Mesanna1Mesanna1 Posts: 3Dev
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    Hi Marlboro,

       I looked at this today, somehow 40% joined two alliances which locked your guild up from doing anything.  The game didn't actually see you in an alliance with anyone.  I am hoping what I did will fix your issue after server maintenance this evening.  Please email me and let me know if it does indeed fix your issue.


    ps  GM's would not have been able to fix this issue, I had to get an engineer to look at the code to find out why it was broken =)
  • SMALLSMALL Posts: 19
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    After the reboot, everything fell into place.
    Thank you very much, I'm very happy :)

  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,332

    Good result for you guys, I'm glad, you are a decent opponent. :)

    Thank you Mesanna for sorting them out, they add a lot to the game.

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