ABC Archer: Is 80 Bushido sufficient?

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I decided to reorganize the goal template of Concoction, a human archer I created with Alchemy as a backup profession.  The other day, I gave her Cooking as well.  It seemed to match her name.  Looking at her skills, I realized there were 80 points I might assign to Bushido. It's not like she will be using it to maximize Parry.  This template is:

120: Archery, Tactics
100: Chivalry, Focus
100: Alchemy, Cooking
 80: Bushido

She is not going to solo dungeons, but I want her to be able to hold her own in PvM battle.  She will have a selection of potions to back her up, so what do you-all think?  What practical limitations will there be for her having just 80 Bushido?  Do you have any more general suggestions?
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    You cannot evade and parry with a ranged weapon i thought, or is that only with balanced weapons? 
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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    @Mervyn, an archer does not use Bushido to assist Parry.  Out of its six "spells", I think only Lightning Strike and Honorable Execution are useful.  It is possible Evasion and Momentum Strike would be functional as well, but I'm not sure of those.  The bigger gain is via the Honor+Perfection mechanic.  This becomes active at 50 Bushido, so other than increasing the success rate of Lightning Strike I don't see a lot of reason to raise Bushido to high levels.

    A side benefit of Bushido for archers is it is one of the skills that count toward reducing the cost of special moves.  So in this build, 120 Archery and 80 Bushido add up to 200, which will reduce the cost of special moves by 5.

    I'm posting in hopes someone can confirm this logic.
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  • I routinely use 80 Bushido with throwers and archers.  This gets me to the 200 skill point bonus for -5 mana cost for specials on tight templates along with the 120 weapon skill.  The only things I use Bushido for my ranged characters is Honor and Confidence.  
  • I use the following template and can solo many champs and hang in many dungeons. I find bushido to be of little use on this temp as I get high damage with armor ignore 120 archery 120 tactics 120 chivalry 120 resist 120 healing 120 anatomy
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    Hey good luck, i like the template, just take healing and anatomy instead lol, confidence is pretty bad and anatomy will help u alot, healing every couples seconds with no mana, just why bushido? Anyway, i have a pally archer and i really dont need any focus and bushido to max my damage output. i would say try to fit healing and anatomy, and select only one fun/usefull crafting skill if this makes u happy. personally i would take alchemy and use a balanced bow to heal very good when the chits hit the fan. i dont have any alchemy myself but i use alot of GH when i fight and its a life saver yes. Cooking and bushido? not really bouncing your side … Try it but i dont think you will enjoy on a tight archer just my opinion… since u have 100 chivalry i would max it out and try to have alot of mana and just use the chivalry spells and AI on a composite bow, this is plenty to make max damage. u dont need anything else really, survivability, damage, and great pots healing for fun and off meta pleasure… But… couple years ago i made a thief/mage, it was so bad i mean so bad at everything, but man it was off meta funnnn i hear you. 
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