Player vendors not working correctly!

OlRacOlRac Posts: 15
 when you double click a vendor, then select an object to buy and press buy the vendors paper doll opens up and the purchase doesn't occur. But if you click the vendor and open the pack showing what's for sale, then click another object on the screen like a mailbox or rock or anything so the circle is no longer in the vendor you can proceed with your purchases. This started since the last patch update. I play on Siege Perilous and do not know if any other shards are effected. 


  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    Adding my bug to this one because they seem to be related. All three are EC client with legacy targeting disabled.

    2. On trade runs, if you try to autofill from backpack while the NPC is still targeted, the NPC shop opens instead.
    3. If you run away from the Trade Minister while the NPC is still targeted, you get repeated messages that "you are too far away to do that." Not sure what it is trying to do, but might be relevant.

    In both cases, just hitting Escape key to un-target before buying or filling works, but this is a new thing since changes were made somewhere along the line of publish 101.
  • I've been using '/say vendor buy' to get around this bug, but yeah it was annoying at first not understanding why I could not buy. 
  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    Many folks use "Vendor Buy", but using the vendor itself, without speaking, lets you stay hidden away in the shadows - which is nice for Siege Perilous hehe. Good to know that function is still working properly, though. I know Devs are busy now, and this is easy enough to work around, but would be nice to know if a fix is on the back burner somewhere.
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