Any update on these items?

Have any of these things been changed?  If not, when?

To focus a few items from this list/post, on those which involve unexpected deletion of player assets (immediate or delayed).  Some would argue unexpected deletion events would be a very high priority thing to address, if these haven't been?



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    5, 6 and 7 are working as intended.
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     :D if that's the case, which we have been told it is.

     1 thru 8 quack like; working as intended 
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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    Hi, any update on if/when #3 ( reported August 2022 ) will be changed?

    I liken #3 as real-life scenario - taking a favorite and rare leather jacket into a professional leather workers shop, to have the leather dyed and new buttons added.  The shop asks for payment up front, but then decides to keep the item and the payment.  That probably wouldn't go over so well from a customer POV.
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    any update on if/when #11 above (reported March 2022, perhaps earlier) will be changed?

    Shard and client crashes are one of the issues that leads to followers to being deleted.  It seems crashing shards are still a factor.

    I liken #11 as a real-life scenario - picking up a new pet at the per store, developing a connection and investing emotional and other efforts to that pet.  Only to later have the pet die unexpectedly, due to the pet store not properly handling vaccines and other normal care.  I'd expect such (repeatedly occuring) issues, if not addressed, to lead to the store going out of business.
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