the cheaters in the game

so the cheaters in the game blame me for people quitting uo? first i play soooo little uo now less then a hour a day. then really think people love them then said. then used 40-50 bots at idocs. then used same 50 bots to place a home. then buy all ever thing cheat to resell. i just never seen a game run like this. i know the pop of real players is 5000-6000 players. lots  2-3 accts and some 5-10. even some 30-50 accts. but the hard core cheaters think people love and like them?? yea i dont think so. not sure want happen. want made it like this. i talked to people in discord and then said very few guilds, prices for items to much from homes to gear. the cheaters said it was me wow. so ill have to close all my accts and move on. the community on uo is not want it used to be.Ii run a card shop and been killing it. ever weekend so busy. so ill stick to that. so long and farewell to u all. ps if u dont got any thing nice to say dont post it below thanks. u know the wackos still will tho. 


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    can we translate???
    I guess idocguy is back? is that what the post is about?

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    One of the best news ever idocguy scripter leaving the game.
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    I guess he left because he could not hoover up all the good loot at idocs. Now they just deleted anything good and designed the barrel bullshit. but the cheats can now lock up ever other client, loot everything and then place a high end All house and Mesanna does nothing about it.

    I guarantee its not my PC that has a problem with power or internet with EM events and idocs, the game is powered by an over stretched electric band form 25 years ago and not one member of the team has enough brain capacity to actually do something about it,  very sad
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