Animal lore doesn't work on humanoid

ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 846
Animal lore, against humanoid targets like Cora, crazed mage, etc, fail "That's not an animal!".

Humanoids are considered animals.

Expected result:  it would be good to be able to assess the skills of atleast humanoid monsters with animal lore (perhaps even players too).  After all, if the skill allows one to assess the skills of a dinosaur, it should be possible to assess a human as well.


  • PitrPitr Posts: 165
    do you get anything using anatomy?

  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,031Moderator
    Cora and crazed mage aren't humanoid, they're Human. Animal lore has never worked on them, just as it doesn't work on shopkeepers and brigands.
  • ForeverFunForeverFun Posts: 846
    Mariah said:
    Cora and crazed mage aren't humanoid, they're Human. Animal lore has never worked on them, just as it doesn't work on shopkeepers and brigands.

    Feel free to edit the post and change "humanoid" to "human".

    Change request: allow animal lore to work against human targets, like Cora, Crazed Mage, etc.  Optionally allow it to work on players too.  Humans are considered animals.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,031Moderator
    I don't think it would be a good idea to have it work on players. Many players would be very angry if opponents could see all their skills and stats to know their weaknesses.
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    edited March 30
    The problem is anatomy never got retouch while animal lore did. Animal lore used to gives just as low information as anatomy currently give when used on a human/humanoid.

     So maybe they should just revamp and give anatomy some kind of menu similar to animal lore right now (make it not work on players, but all human/humanoids 'monsters/npcs')

    as of Publish 14 on November 30, 2001. :

    Changes to Animal Lore

    Animal Lore skill will be updated as a stand-alone skill, to accommodate localization issues and player- and Dev Team-driven suggested changes. This update does not include any changes where Animal Lore coordinates with any other skill.

    Players will use the Animal Lore and then target any animal to obtain two random items of information about that animal, in addition to still discovering the current Loyalty level of an animal (tamed pets, only). Players may need to use Animal Lore on a given animal more than once to learn all the possible available information on that animal. The following lists all possible information that may be discovered with the Animal Lore skill:

    Information about its magical ability:

    • “It lacks any true magical abilities”

    • “It has only minor magical abilities”

    • “It has some magical abilities”

    • “It has rather well developed magical abilities”

    • “It has strong magical abilities”

    • “It has extremely powerful magical abilities”

    • “It has nearly mastered the secrets of magic”

    • “It has mastered the secrets of magic”

    Information about its training level, for tamable animals:

    • “It has only just begun its combat training”

    • “It is somewhat trained in the art of war”

    • “It appears fairly trained in the ways of combat”

    • “It has excellent combat training”

    • “It has superior combat training”

    • “It has nearly learned all there is in the ways of combat”

    • “It has nearly mastered the art of war”

    • “It has mastered the art of war”

    Information about its past owners, for tamable animals:

    • “It appears to have known only one master in its life”

    • “It seems to have known two masters in its life”

    • “It appears annoyed at having known three masters”

    • “It appears angry to have known four masters”

    • “It appears infuriated to have known five masters”

    • “It is weary of human companionship”

    Information about its diet:

    • “You sense that it likes to eat grass”

    • “You sense that it would delight in fruit for a meal”

    • “You sense that it likes to eat hay”

    • “This creature likes to eat grains”

    • “This creature devours meat for its meals”

    • “This creature will eat fish”

    • “This creature will eat various crops”

    • “Strangely enough, this animal will eat leather"

    Information about its natural resources (things you can get off of the animal):

    • “You could use this creature for its wool”

    • “It does well at carrying heavy loads”

    • “If this creature were dead, you could use its hides for leather”

    • “You could slaughter it for meat”

    • “It is sometimes used for its wood”

    • “This creature is sometimes used for its feathers”

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