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GoobsterGoobster Posts: 3
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Returning to the game after being gone for awhile, does anyone know a good vendor for recall scrolls on chessy? Please thanks!


  • JepethJepeth Posts: 516
    First, if you've been gone a long, long while you may not be aware of vendor search: which can find items on player vendors.

    Second, if you need them quick, the big mage shop in west Britain will sell recall scrolls on the NPC Mage vendors.

  • Yea it’s been a while! I’ll check it out thanks!
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,040Moderator
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    Recalls can also be bought in Haven mage shop and Moonglow Encyclopedia Magicka. I'm not sure if there's anywhere else. I'll research it.
    Recalls found at:
    Brit (West) Sorcerer's Delight (as @Jepeth already said) (1of the 2 mages there)
    Brit (East) Incantations & Enchantments (1/2)
    Delucia (1/2)
    Haven Mage School (3/5)
    Jhelom mage shop
    Moonglow Encyclopedia Magika (1/ 3 )
    Moonglow Sorcerer's Guild (2 of the 3)
    Skara Brae Mages Menagerie
    Trinsic Encyclopedia Magicka.
    Vesper Circles of Magic
  • Sweet! Tyvm I’ll go to all of them
  • DragorDragor Posts: 9
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    Forgot my char that has inscribe is on another account that i closed. sorry
  • DragorDragor Posts: 9
    i have 250 recall scrolls for you if you still need them. message me on here and we can figure out a time to meet up. you can have them for free.
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