EM Event : 21st July @ 5 pm EST : Hunting the Peerless

EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator

Since last month was a hit, you’re invited to do the same again!

Gather as many sets of keys as you possibly can for your favourite peerless encounter – or maybe for one you’ve never done before – and we’ll go and beat it up. Several times, if you have enough keys.

Remember, Peerless keys have an expiry date on them, so don’t drop them in the EM mailbox TOO early – or you’ll hear *poof* noises from the mailbox every now and then!



  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
    Maybe you forgot. Maybe it's my fault for not reminding you. Maybe you prefer some other forum that nobody has ever heard of. *evil grin* 

    Anyway, nobody has delivered any keys for Peerless yet.

    However, one very kind person, who has asked to remain nameless because Vice might mock him for doing selfless, virtuous deeds, dropped off a sack full of skulls in my letterbox.

    So, tonight, I will be visiting the Star Room. 

    Shortly after that, there will be a public Harrower on Siege. That's 5 pm EST-ish for those who don't normally read these things. 

    Tell your friends. Especially those who prefer other forums that don't have that new car smell about them. 

  • MagichandsMagichands Posts: 141
    Thank you for the Event ! Was a funny Night !
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