What are you looking forward to the most in the game in short term?

I will start

  • Runic reforging for rings, bracelets, etc. Imbuing is extremely under powered when it comes to rings/bracelets right now.

  • New mount that gives you extra luck (If we have damage reduction mount, then why not luck?)

  • Meaningful rewards for inscription bods, cooking bods, etc... For example a cooking bod reward that is a sharpening oil. When you use it on a crafted weapon, ring, etc you can imbue 6 properties instead of 5 and you get extra 100 points for imbuing weight. (So rings can have 6 property and 600 imbue weight)

  • Revisit the treasure hunting and fishing rewards. Right now, you almost never get anything worthy from thunting and fishing.

  • Special pet food that changes the pets color once fed to the pets.(could be temporarily or permanently)

  • Pet skill/stat reset token. The devs said that they cant implement full pet reset token. On the other hand, I think they might be able to implement a token that returns exact points for given skill/stat. For example one of my pets have 30 stamina regeneration. I click the token, I select the pet, then I select stamina regeneration. Puff, the stamina regeneration goes to 0, and I get the exact amount of points I spent on that.

So, what changes would you guys like to see in the short term?


  • keven2002keven2002 Posts: 2,130
    2 things for me:

    1. Less "downtime" between events. Given these are cookie cutter events we shouldn't only receive 1 ToT event a year and we shouldn't go more than 60 days without some sort of new/limited time content to do for 30-60 days.
    2. Switch it up and give us a break from the same boring cookie cutter events. The past 2 years were almost exactly the same with the same events. First 3 months we got nothing next 3 months was the "Spring event" next 3 months (summer break) we got nothing then next 3 months we got Halloween / Dynamic event / Krampus / Artisan Fest. This has basically been the recipe for the last 4-5 years.
  • shootgunshootgun Posts: 288
    Both of those look fine to me. Let's hope the devs are visiting here and they are taking notes :)
  • OnixiaOnixia Posts: 82
    I would love a town invasion....they were so so long ago.  I would love it if one day Luna just got overrun with some nasty monsters....death to the bank sitters!!!!!
  • CookieCookie Posts: 1,257
    Fixing Pure Mages.
  • usernameusername Posts: 690
    Anything, really I'll take at this point
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