What advantage does throwing have over archery?

In the game people keep telling me that throwing is better than archery. On the other hand, whenever I read the wiki for throwing I don't see the advantage. What advantage does it have? What is a good throwing build that makes it so good?


  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,002
    No wasted or running out of arrows range better with best throwing weapon 
  • SmootSmoot Posts: 389
    biggest reason is you dont need to waste an imbue slot for balanced to use pots.

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    I went through this same thought before I built my garg thrower. and Grimbeard has pretty much nailed it. The only 2 "perks" of throwing over archery is not worrying about ammo and depending on strength (and weapon) you get a range of a few additional tiles.

    I will say that with max swing speed on an archer; you can easily burn through 1500-2000 arrows every time you play.

    That said, being a garg comes with several disadvantages that I've noticed so be warned if you do want to build out a gargoyle:
    1. You will have 1 less armor slot compared to human/elf and that's kind of paired with limited options on earrings/glasses slot & the neck slot (it's harder to find legendary stone dex pieces).
    2. You will also have less options for weapons... you have 3 throwing weapons and given the range/damage of them there really is only a soul glaive that's useful.
    3. Another major drawback of a gargoyle in general is that 99% of the new items we get are geared towards human/elf toons and those items are then translated over to a garg (half the time it's not a 1:1 translation). Example: Yukio earrings / HCI earrings that humans can wear for a small bump to stats is useless to a gargoyle because that's a required armor slot which you need more than 1 or 2 stats from.
    4. No mount damage reduction for a Garg. With an archer you can ride an armor swampy so that when you are hit; it's not for as much. Gargs don't have that luxury.
    This isn't to discourage you but just make sure you are well informed when making your final decision. Good luck!
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    Had a gargoyle thrower for awhile,  think range for throwing weapons I found or bought varied from 8 to 10 with damage being done at a the weapon’s maximum range being a lot less than it was up close.  Bows all have a range of 10 and no damage reduction. What throwing weapons have a range of more than 10, and more importantly how do you get them?  Lack of slayers for sale on vendor search was frustrating.  Finally, decided without a character that could make throwing weapons, throwing was just not a viable skill for my thrower.
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    Throwers also hit hard as hell with Soul Glaives. I was pretty impressed at how effective my Chiv Thrower was during the Treasures of the Shogun event on Atlantic. Even without a Luck Suit equipped and just the 10th Anniversary Sculpture for Luck, he was able to rival my 2,300+ Luck Macer/Paladin for drops just due to the fact that i didn't have to chase mobs down to kill them, and i could oftentimes 1 shot most mobs (240+ damage an AI) from 11 tiles away and would just spam a "Attack Nearest Target" macro.
    It was brain dead easy farming drops on my Thrower, vs being a hassle having to chase mobs down and they die from someone else before i could reach them on my Macer/Paladin. My Thrower would get the kill before Archers could, because i hit harder than them and could attack from further away.

    Hitting a 240+ damage AI and having Elemental Fury proc for 100+ damage at the same time was pretty funny. Called Shot giving +75% Damage (subject to 300% Cap) is very useful against foes with no Slayer as well. I also have Bane Soul Glaives for tough non-slayer foes like Osiredon the Scalis Enforcer or Plunder Beacons, and the damage is nuts when that starts proccing.

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    Can someone please explain to me about throwing ?

    I read at https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/skills/throwing/ ;

    The absolute maximum range is capped. The calculated maximum range a player can throw their weapon is used to determine how accurate their throw actually is when trying to hit a target at a certain distance. This allows the player to have a “sweet-spot” area where their throwing is most effective, while pushing towards their maximum range or throwing while too close to the target results in a less damage or accuracy.

    The part which puzzles me the most about throwing, is where it says "This allows the player to have a “sweet-spot” area where their throwing is most effective, while pushing towards their maximum range or throwing while too close to the target results in a less damage or accuracy."

    Ranged fighters, hardly stay always at the same location, most of the time, they need to move to stay away from whatever foe is trying to hit them.

    While with Archery, to my understanding, the damage done is not dependant on a certain "sweet spot" exact distance from the target, I understand that with Throwing this is instead the case.

    Yet, because the Thrower is often most always on the move, how is it possible to stay at whatever range from the target is the "sweet spot" for doing the highest damage ?

    What I am trying to say is, that to my thinking, this need of having to always throw from a specific range from the target in order to do the highest damage, sounds like a severe limitation because very difficult to be maintained, as compared to Archery where, at least to my understanding, this limitation does not exist and damage done is the same, regardless of the distanceto the target from which the arrows are cast.

    Or did I understand it as wrong ?

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    Last two extended events, my Mystic Thrower got tons of drops. With LRC suit and SC & area damage glaive i was able to toss RC's and Heal curses, poison and damage with Cleansing Winds. 
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    No balance for potions is key. And no ammo
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