Are the Developers still working on expanding the number of items that can be stacked ?

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I seem to remember, from the past, that there was a goal of progressively increasing the number of items in Ultima Online that can be stacked.

And I seem to remember that, years back, certain items were made stackables that previously were not.

Yet, at least to my impression, and please correct me if my impression is wrong, I do not seem to remember any items recently having been added to the list of items which can be stacked.

Yet, there still are quite a number of items which, I would imagine, could be made stackable...

For example, but these are just mere examples, I am sure that other players could come up with more items then these, from this Thread back from 2021 I see some Ultima Online players mentioning a few items which they would like to see made as stackable....

  • Aquarium food
  • Engraving tools (wooden/metal/leather containers, shield)
  • Yeast (by type)
  • Same type Holiday gift tickets
  • Blackrock Stew
  • Elixir of Rebirth
  • Mana Draught (and perhaps also some other among the stealable items from Monsters?)
  • Yukio's items
  • Power Crystals
  • Ancient Pottery Fragments
  • Tattered Remnants of an Ancient Scroll
  • A Healthy Gland
  • Undead Gargoyle Medallion
  • Tasty Treats
  • Irresistibly Tasty Treat
  • Terathan Avenger Arms
  • Terathan Cuticle Sac
  • Untranslated Ancient Tome
  • Seared Fire Ant Go
  • Samples of Corrupted Water
  • Dyes (generic ones, not pigments/hoachi)
  • Same type Armor Refinements
  • Anything that has the same Graphic and Title

Please, feel free to add items to the List which are currently not stackable but that you would like to see made as stackable...

@Kyronix , please, can we get some love be given to increasing the number of items which can get stacked in Ultima Online ?

Thank you so much !!


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    I was just thinking about this the a few days ago

    nets all types
    cocoa liquor 
    cocoa butter 
    fruit bowl ?

    Refinements !!!


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    Now this is something I believe we can all get behind!
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